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US News: Iranian nuclear: the negotiations have close the crisis, will resume

International Toll after the execution of an Iranian stopped at 17 years

 International Toll after the execution of an Iranian stopped at 17 years © AFP / Archives The execution Wednesday in Iran of a man sentenced for a murder that he was a minor, raised a International Taille, the ONU claiming "shocked" by the application of the death penalty despite the intervention of many parties to give it up. Iranian Arman Abdolali, today 25 years old, was executed at dawn in Rajai Shahr Prison near Tehran, in accordance with the "Talion Act" requested by the victim's family , announced the site of the Mizan Online Judiciary Authority.

Iran-Nucl-Aire: Iranian nuclear: the negotiations have close the crisis, will resume

NUCLÉAIRE IRANIEN: LES NÉGOCIATIONS ONT FRÔLÉ LA CRISE, VONT REPRENDRE © Reuters / EU DELEGATION IN VIENNA Iranian nuclear: the negotiations have brought the Crisis, will resume

by Parisa Hafezi, John Irish and Francois Murphy

Vienna (Reuters) - Indirect discussions between the United States and Iran to save the 2015 Agreement on Iranian nuclear power, which have brought the crisis Friday , have been interrupted and will resume next week, European leaders expressing their consternation against the requirements of Iranian negotiators.

The seventh cycle of negotiations in Vienna is the first to which delegates participate sent by the current Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

Bill Gates Startup TerraPower plans to build a first demonstration reactor

 Bill Gates Startup TerraPower plans to build a first demonstration reactor in 2006 founded Bill Gates along with some like-minded visionaries the Startup TerraPower, which works on the development of advanced nuclear energy. Meanwhile, the company plans to build a demonstration reactor in Wyoming. © Provided by Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images • TerraPower was founded in 2006 by Bill Gates and a group of visionaries • First demonstration reactor should be built in Wyoming • Reactors of TerraPower use innovative nuclear concept called sodium terrapower Startu

Its election in June had resulted in a five-month interruption of the talks, reinforcing the suspicions of US and European officials that Iran seeks to save time while making progress on nuclear power.

of senior diplomats from France, Germany and Great Britain, have expressed their "disappointment and their concern" on Friday before the amendments proposed by Tehran to a text that had been the subject of an agreement in previous cycles of negotiations.

"Important changes (were) requested (by Iran)," said diplomats in a statement, adding that some of the desired changes were

video: Iranian nuclear: recovery of the negotiations in Vienna (France 24)

Incompatible with the 2015 Agreement.

Iraq: After the legislative, a passion puzzle

 Iraq: After the legislative, a passion puzzle © Murtadha al-Sudani during a demonstration in Baghdad, on October 11, in support of the Chiite Populist Religious Leader Moqtada Sadr out at the top of the polls. It took almost two months for the Iraqi Electoral Commission to announce the final results, on Tuesday, the legislative elections that took place on 10 October.

This 2015 Agreement has imposed restrictions on Iran's uranium enrichment activities, delaying the time needed to produce enough fissile material For a nuclear bomb of about two to three months at least one year.

Iran denies wishing to have nuclear weapons, claiming to only control nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

In exchange for nuclear restrictions, the 2015 Agreement lifted a series of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

However, after more than two years of Iran's accession to the main restrictions, former US President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018 the United States of the Agreement and again imposed heavy economic sanctions against Tehran.

Iran reacted from 2019 by moving away from many restrictions contained in the agreement.

Western officials feel that it is now short of time before the foundations of the agreement are irretrievably damaged.

(Report Parisa Hafezi and François Murphy in Vienna and John Irish in Dubai, French version Matthew Protard and Federica Mileo, edited by Matthieu Protard)

Naftali Bennett in Abu Dhabi for the first visit of an Israeli Prime Minister .
© AP - Sebastian Scheiner The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett here in Jerusalem, October 17, 2021. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is expected This Sunday, December 12 in the afternoon in the United Arab Emirates. Low profile for this first official visit with in the shadows the Iranian question.

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