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US News: Finland: five men arrested in Kankaanpää for an ultra-right attack project

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These are the first arrests for a far-right attack project in Finland, according to Police

Cinq jeunes hommes ont été arrêtés et placés en détention à Kankaanpää dans le sud-ouest de la Finlande. © Juha sinisalo / Lehtikuva / AFP Five young men were arrested and detained in Kankaanpää in southwestern Finland. terrorism - these are the first arrests for a far-right attack project in Finland, according to the police

Five young men were arrested and placed in detention in Finland for projected an "ultra attack -Doit "by bomb and firearms, never seen in the Nordic country, announced this Friday the authorities. These are the first arrests for an extreme right attack project in Finland , according to the police.

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According to a responsible for the Finnish Home Safety (SUPO), the five older men "about 25 years old" show "accelerated financialist" beliefs, a white supremacist movement related to fusillages in the United States and wanting to stir racial division in society. Possible targets have not been unveiled, nor the detail of possible operating mode. Under surveillance for two years

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday and live in Kankaanpää, a small town of 13,000 inhabitants in the southwestern country. They were presented to a Friday judge and placed in pre-trial detention.

The five men were under surveillance since a first arrest two years ago, the police explained at a press conference. Searches conducted in December 2019 had discovered "a significant amount of firearms, ammunition and explosive," said Commissioner Toni Sjöblom. They have "accelerated ultra-right trends," explained the representative of Supo, Eero Pietilä. Finnish investigators have found in their possession of "terrorist equipment", which with other investigative elements "reinforces the impression that they have radicalized and gives reasons to suspect terrorist crimes," they have also indicated.

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According to ultra-right experts, "accelerationnists" hope to create the chaos of the interethnic conflict to trigger a large lift from Westerners of strain. Groups were identified in several countries, but the movement is recent.

An idealization of terrorist violence

The five twinnings did not seem to arrange far-right organized groups, but tried the opposite to remain discreet. "A small group like this one that idealizes terrorist violence work secretly and their activity does not include links with publicly organized far-right groups," according to Eero Pietilä.

According to inhabitants of Kankaanpää cited by the Finnish media, one of the suspects was described as a "skinhead" and two others known to be "neonazis". The police showed a picture of one of the suspects posing with a big knife and a pistol in the other, the eyes concealed behind a ski mask.

The investigation must last several months, the parquet that gave until 31 March before pronouncing a possible indictment. Last March, Finnish intelligence had stated that the terrorist threat in the Nordic country of 5.5 million inhabitants was "high", the second lowest level on a four scale. Services, however, warned that the risk associated with right-wing extremism was "more worrying" than the previous year.

The projects of anti-terrorism attacks are rare in Finland. It was in 2018 that the Prosecution of "terrorism" was retained for the first time, after a disboured Moroccan asylum seeker, Abderrahman Bouanane, stabbed ten, killing two, in the city of Turku in southwestern country.

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