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US News: shooting in an American high school: the parents of the shooter arrested

A cropped English member for having sat in Parliament with his baby

 A cropped English member for having sat in Parliament with his baby © Copyright 2021, Obs from Parliament with his three-month-old baby, the British member Stella Creasy was recalled to order. Faced with criticism, the institution promised this Wednesday, November 24 to review its rules imposed on elected officials becoming parents. judging "extremely important" that young parents can participate fully at parliamentary work, the President of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle said that "the rules should be considered in their context" and "change over time".

Mercredi, devant le lycée d'Oxford, dans le Michigan, théâtre de la fusillade. © Jake May Wednesday, in front of Oxford High School, Michigan, Theater of the Fusillade.

Teenager parents who killed four students in a northern high school Tuesday were arrested on Saturday. The day before they had been rare, charged with involuntary homicides for letting their son use the weapon they had offered him as a gift. Ethan Crumbley, aged 15, "is the one who entered the high school and supported the relaxation" , but "other people contributed to this event and I intend to make them return Accounts ", said the tour of Oakland County, Karen McDonald, to justify his decision.

James and Jennifer Crumbley were actively searched since by the police and the FBI. The police finally localized them in a Detroit industrial building, about sixty kilometers from the shooting scene, not far from where their car had been spotted earlier. The couple's lawyers had assured Friday that, contrary to what was reported, the parents of Ethan Crumbley were not on the run. "The Crumbley went on the evening of this tragic shooting for their own security, stated in a message to AFP Friday night. They are coming back to the area to be presented to a judge. They are not fleeing the authorities despite what the media report. " However, the fact that they have retired from $ 4,000 and extinguished their phones suggested that they were on the run, pointed out on CNN police officers.

judged to have filmed the aggression of a professor in Seine-et-Marne and broadcast the video on the Internet

 judged to have filmed the aggression of a professor in Seine-et-Marne and broadcast the video on the Internet © Béatrice Le Grand / West-France high school students judged have been excluded from their establishment after the dissemination of the images of The aggression on the Internet. Photo Stock Illustration. Two high school students from Combs-la-Ville (Seine-et-Marne) had filmed the scene of the aggression of a professor on October 8, 2021. They were judged by the Melun court. The decision is expected on December 7th.

Last week, James Crumbley, the father of the author of the Fusillade, had benefited from the great promotions of the Black Friday to buy the semi-automatic gun used by his son. After buying, the teenager had trained in shooting and posted images of the weapon on social networks, clearly indicating that she belonged to her. The day of the drama, Ethan Crumbley had been summoned with his parents by the direction of the Oxford High School, a small town in Michigan, after writing a message evoking suicide and death: "Help me, my life is useless , the world is dead, blood everywhere. "

According to the Prosecutor, "Think of a parent can read these words knowing that his son had access to a deadly weapon that he had offered him is incomprehensible, and I think it's a Crime . I wait for parents and everyone they show humanity and act to stop a potential tragedy. " She also blames parents of having not asked their son if he had his weapon on him that day, nor where she was, while the pistol was in his backpack and had been allowed to return to class.

Fusillade in a high school in the United States: the parents of the plugged shooter for involuntary homicides

 Fusillade in a high school in the United States: the parents of the plugged shooter for involuntary homicides © Scott Olson / AFP A memorial outside the Oxford High School, in Michigan, Friday, December 3, 2021. Parents Teen who opened fire in a Northern High School of the United States were charged with involuntary homicides, Friday, December 3rd. The shooting had made four dead and wounded six people, including a teacher, Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

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"Ethan, do not do that"

two hours after this meeting, the teenager had opened the fire by leaving the toilet, Progressing methodically in the corridors of the high school and drawing in particular on the doors of the classes where the students had barricaded. He shot at least 30 bullets. Four students died and six others were injured, as well as a teacher, in this shooting that caused trauma in this city north of Detroit. At the announcement of a high school shooting, Jennifer Crumbley, the mother, had sent a message to his son, writing "Ethan, do not do that" .

The shooter went to the police without opposing resistance. He was charged for "terrorist act" and "assassinations", and risk the prison for life because pursued as major. His mobiles remain a mystery because he did not explain since his arrest and chose to remain silent during his appearance. He pleaded not guilty during his appearance Wednesday before a judge. It is incarcerated at Pontiac prison where it is held at isolation.

Fusillages remain a recurring scourge in the United States, making many victims in a country where the right to own weapons is guaranteed by the Constitution. But the proceedings against the relatives of their authors are extremely rare.

Updated Saturday at 11 o'clock, with the arrest of the parents of the shooter in Detroit.

Russia: a teenager is "exploding" with a bomb in an orthodox .
© Investigative Committee of Russia / AFP U N former 18-year-old student of a Russian Orthodox School "was exploded" Monday in This adjoining establishment of a convent near Moscow, wounding at least another 15-year-old in addition to himself, the police announced. Explosive attacks or shootings in school sites have long been rare in Russia , but such dramas have multiplied in recent years, leading to hardening legislation on the weapons ordered by the President Vladimir Putin .

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