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US News: Nautical salon of Paris. The SNSM renews its fleet and it is expensive

"True assassination in group": the poignant story of the rescuers intervened in the

 Channel © Copyright 2021, Obs "It's a real assassination in group", "it's been a long time. 'alarm': in Calais, volunteers from the National Sea Rescue Society (SNSM) tell their intervention during the sinking in the round in which 27 migrants died on Wednesday.

Le semi-rigide « NSC2 » et le hauturier « NSH1 », à l’identité visuelle signée par le designer Philippe Starck, sont encore en phase d’essais techniques opérationnels avant les premières livraisons. © Claire Berthelot, SNSM The semi-rigid "NSC2" and the Hauturier "NSH1", to the visual identity signed by the designer Philippe Starck, are still in the test phase operational techniques before the first deliveries.

The rescuers at sea are preparing to receive their new boats. A decennial plan covers a first tranche of 140 units for a cost of 100 million euros, financed 72% by donations.

They are called NSH1 and NSC2. High-class highway rescue vessel and second-class coastal rescue vessel. The first is presented at the "Nautic" show of Paris as in the form of a model. The original 17 m long is at sea and refines its operational technical tests (ETO). The second, a semi-rigid aluminum hull, is there. Its 8.67 m topped with a cabin look great. These two boats prefigure the flotilla whose SNSM will be endowed in the years to come.

Qatar dispute continues: Hainer "Cold businessman without understanding"

 Qatar dispute continues: Hainer Bayern-Fan Michael Ott renews his criticism of the Bayern Bayern and Sponsor Qatar Airways. He calls the president a "cold businessman". © Provided by Qatar dispute continues: Hainer "Cold businessman without understanding" The annual general meeting of FC Bayern has torn a ditch between some fans and FC Bayern - so much is likely to become clear in the last few days.

Seven types of boats are called upon to replace the 785 aging units that currently equip the association and make the first shipowner of France. The deployment plan sets a first ten-year maturity. A decade during which 140 boats must be delivered by the Girondin Couach site. Cost of this initial tranche: 100 million euros (2 million NSH1, 200 000 € The NSC2), of which 72% come from donations, the rest based on subsidies.

Save and protect

"The whole range of these new boats has been the subject of five years of studies that are based on feedback. This fleet was designed by our rescuers themselves. The approach was important not to ride on the expression of the operational need ", reports Sylvain Moynault, Coordinator of Eto and Volunteer himself. The result: boats "Costauds, Resistant, which take better account of the analysis of the risk incurred by the volunteers".

Transport in Île-de-France: Trade agent strike in Transilien Station This Wednesday

 Transport in Île-de-France: Trade agent strike in Transilien Station This Wednesday Trade unions denounce job cuts, lines of lines and stations © Clément Follain / 20 minutes a transilat train from Lyon Station, January 13, 2020 in Paris (12th), during the strike against the pension reform project., January 13, 2020 in Paris, during the strike against the pension reform project.

No need to widen the brain for a long time to revive a wound always open. Arises in the conversation the date of June 7, 2019, "marked with red iron in all the volunteers of the SNSM". That day, in Sables-d'Olonne, three rescuers lose their lives by helping a fisherman, one of the 8,000 operations conducted each year on the coast. "Our activity is dangerous, then not to add risk to danger," ensures Sylvain Moynault.

Possibility of intervening further

In addition to securing as much as possible of their crews, the new ships have the huge advantage of the industrial series effect, a first in the life of the SNSM. "This makes it possible to modernize and standardize the equipment, all the locations of the options such as the thermal camera or the second trailer reel are provided, on the planes, and each station adopts them according to its specific needs. They also offer the opportunity to intervene further, up to 60 miles (110 km) off for NSH1 against 20 currently. Passage from 6 to 12 miles (22 km) for the NSC2.

The first semi-rigid delivered will be at the SNSM station of Agon-Coutainville (Manche) end of February-early March 2022; The first swoozer will go to that of herbaudière (Vendée), at the end of the first quarter of 2022, the second will equip that of Gury (Manche) in the summer of 2023. And the deployment will continue on the whole littoral.

For Sale: This amazing architectural studio (Paris 16th) .
© Collection architecture A spirit "50s" to recreate The goods signed of great architects are more and more sought after. This studio of 52 m², in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, was designed by Jean Ginsberg, Star of the 1950s ... This is an apartment that should attract the lusts. It is signed, indeed, a great signature, Jean Ginsberg (Ginsberg Cabinet, Ilesky , Heep ). He conceived this building in 1952.

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