US News: Historical Gladbach Disaster against Freiburg

Günter can be in Bochum Freiburg Record winner

 Günter can be in Bochum Freiburg Record winner The SC Freiburg wants to build on the previous series at VFL Bochum (Saturday, 15.30 clock) after two defeats. For a SC player, the game can become a special one. © Imago Images / Beautiful Sports Christian Günter would pass by victory against Bochum on Sc legend Andreas Zeyer. SC striker Nils Petersen Back in team training A goalkeeper is probably not to be expected in Bochum if the SC Freiburg is guests, because it meets the best home defensive (three goals) on the best Away Defense (five).

Gladbach experiences a Descentrous first half against Freiburg - and writes even Bundesliga history. The guests cheer a best value.

Historisches Gladbach-Desaster gegen Freiburg © Provided by Historical Gladbach Disaster against Freiburg

After the 1: 4-bankruptcy in Derby During the 1st FC Cologne, Borussia Mönchengladbach wanted to give the quick answer - but that went mercilessly into the pants.

in the home game against the SC Freiburg was the foal eleven after 25 minutes to say and write 0: 5 - Five concedes after 25 minutes, it has never been given throughout the Bundesliga history. (Data: The Table of the Bundesliga)

But also Freiburg wrote story, because five goals did never score the Breisgauer in the stranger - not even after 90 minutes.

Gladbach fans react to the derby defeat - Neuhaus falls again negative on

 Gladbach fans react to the derby defeat - Neuhaus falls again negative on In recent weeks, Borussia Moenchengladbach seemed to stabilize , the confidence of the fans in coach Adi Hütter was larger. On Saturday afternoon it was, however, in the 1: brought back to the floor of the facts 4 defeat against 1. FC Cologne in the derby.

Halfting the guests then made the guests even before the break. With 0: 6 it went into the half-time break.

The beginning Maximilian Eggestein was already after 2 minutes, Kevin Schade increased three minutes later to 2: 0. Philipp Lienhart (12th), Nicolas Höfler (19th), Lucas Höler (25.) and Nico Schlotterbeck (37.) laid. (Data: Results and Schedule of the Bundesliga)

Already after the fifth goal, some of the 15,000 approved Gladbach trailers were fed up and left the Borussia Park,

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, the humiliation of the foals continues in the second half? followed in the live ticker .

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coach Koschinat and player duo are missing the FCS against Havelse .
in the Ludwigspark sold out with 4500 spectators, the 1st FC Saarbrücken against Sc Freiburg II continued his winning streak. The coach looked yellow for the fourth time. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner must be watched against Havelse: FCS coach Uwe Koschinat (Li. Adriano Grimaldi).

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