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US News: planet. Less and less water, more and more conflicts

Baumgart and the Effzeh: A very special "Jeföhl"

 Baumgart and the Effzeh: A very special Cologne - The Höhner bring it to the point. "Hey Kölle, Do Bes e Jeföhl," says in the 1992's eponymous song of 1992. © imago images / Eibner Baungart derby "Hey Cologne, you are a feeling" (as "translated" means) Describes the Kölsch's lifestyle in the carnival sector and slumber style, which is indeed especially and slightly different. This also knows Steffen Baumgart.

Cette photo prise le 26 octobre 2021 montre le barrage de Darbandikhan après que le niveau d’eau a baissé de 7,5 mètres en un an, dans le nord-est de l’Irak. © AFP, Shwan Mohammed This photo taken on October 26, 2021 shows the Darbandikhan dam after the water level dropped by 7.5 meters into one year, in the north-east of Iraq.

The freshwater stock drops from one centimeter per year on earth for twenty years, according to the World Meteorology Organization. The scarcity is already felt in many regions.

Does the fresh water already miss?

Yes, says the last report of the World Meteorology Organization (WMO). Since 2000, all terrestrial freshwater (surface and basement, snow, ice, soil moisture ...) decreased one centimeter per year. More than two billion people live in water shortage , indicated Petteri Taalas, WMO boss, at COP26 in November. We must become aware of the water crisis that arrives. By 2050, more than five billion humans will first suffer in Africa.

column by Maria Tietze: Let's talk about inclusion!

 column by Maria Tietze: Let's talk about inclusion! Our columnist Maria Tietze is preparing for the season and try doing something new. © Photo: Zuma Wire / Imago Momentum for the new season. Golf is the perfect sport to compete in common. Even if all start times can be pretty frustrating. Outside it's cold and wet, that is in athletics: building training for the new season . So we gyrate for the condition through the stadium, the stabilization circuit, and the weight room.

What are the factors?

The rarity in the first place: only 0.5% of land water can be used and available for consumption. Since antiquity, men are fighting to live near water points. Increase in the population and global warming aggravate the competition. The number of drought and duration increased by 29% in twenty years. And scientists do not announce embellish.

The management policies of a resource that cities, agriculture and hydraulic energy compete to overcome fossil energies, do not arrange anything. In 2018, there were 3,500 project dams, Note Peter Schwartzstein, from the Center for Climate and Security. These changes on large rivers are at the origin of most inter-state conflicts. In the image of the tensions around the Renaissance dam, on the Ethiopian part of the Nile: seventeen clashes between the six riparian peoples since 2018. Or the anger of the Iraqis, against the Turkish deductions which ensures the tiger and the 'Euphrates.

How have the Emirates have become a must-have power in 50 years?

 How have the Emirates have become a must-have power in 50 years? with large oil and gas reserves, the Emirates, very poor in 1971, have become a must-see economic and political power in the Middle East. ehab Fouad, 64, was still a teenager when he participated fifty years ago at the parade celebrating the birth of the United Arab Emirates , became one of the richest and influential countries of the Gulf .

Are conflicts for water increasing?

They explode, according to the WORLD WATER CONFLICT data center. Between 2000 and 2010, the site recorded 220 conflicts. The figures climbed to 466 over the next decade. Are


Water management specialists think it. The "Water wars" are not always identified as such. In 2001, when the Taliban cut down the helmand river, which depends on Iran, despite an agreement dating from 1973, the attack was drowned in the daily lot of abuses of their regime that has just taken over Afghanistan . Similarly, in Brazil, forest contractors have recently polluted a source of water from the Guarani people - three dead - to make them disrupt. The advanced cause was deforestation.

Two recent cases?

The Iranian regime stopped 67 people, Saturday, November 27, who manifested with the desperate peasants in the dried out of the Zayandh-Roud River, Bordering Isfahan, in the center of the country. A 21st century school case, according to Peter Schwartzstein: there are fewer snow on the Iranian mountains to feed the rivers, because of the global warming, and the management of the resource is more than questionable .

Other typical case, in France: the basin project in the Poitevin marsh. Farmers say they need these tanks to irrigate their crops; Residents and scientists challenge this control over water and efficiency.

"Playground" of the AntiVax, the Telegram Messaging in the viewfinder of the German authorities .
© LP / Arnaud Journals in Germany, the law obliging social networks with at least two million users to fight against criminal content, Does not apply to encrypted messaging such as Telegram. LP / Arnaud Journals of false sanitary passes, testimonials from controversial doctors and even the addresses of mandatory vaccination members ... Here is an example of shared content in the German antivax groups via the Telegram application.

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