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US News: Ukraine-Consultations Russia-USA on "Sensitive Issues" -kremlin

Diplomatic Tew with Troop March

 Diplomatic Tew with Troop March The tensions between Ukraine and Russia are a challenge for the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers. A turn could bring a scheduled conversation between the US and Russia's resort chefs. © Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / TASS / Imago Images US Secretary of Foreign Minister Antony Blinking (l.) And his Russian colleague Sergej Lavrov met most recently in May 2021 According to the US government, Foreign Minister Antony will blink with his Russian counterpart Sergej Lawrow together on Thursday

USA-Russia / Biden-Putin (Urgent): Ukraine-Consultations Russia-USA on "Sensitive Issues" -kremlin

Moscow, December 7 ( Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday to his American counterpart Joe Biden that it was an "mistake" to attribute to Russia all the responsibility for the current tensions near Ukraine, reported the Kremlin to the Kremlin. resulting from a virtual interview described as "open" between the two leaders. Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden agreed that subordinates will start consultations on "sensitive issues" around Ukraine, added the Kremlin, indicating that Russian President had again requested safe guarantees with regard to the Attitude of Kiev and NATO. (French version Jean Terzian)

Ukraine: NATO and EU Menace Moscow of "Lourdes Consequences" .
© Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin Pool / / EPA / Sputnik Pool / EFE NATO, European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Threats, Sanctions L ES Tensions do not wamber between Russia and the Western world, while the Ukrainian situation continues to worry observers. Thursday, December 16, at the end of a European summit, the 27 European Heads of State promised "heavy consequences" to Russia, if ever his army had to intervene in Ukraine. "Any new aggression (...) will have heavy consequences and a high cost", have wr

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