US News: Bills coach Sauer: "Located to Belichick"

Peru: magnitude 7.5 earthquake in northern

 Peru: magnitude 7.5 earthquake in northern © AFP U n Earthquake of magnitude 7.5 struck Sunday at dawn north of Peru , making ten wounded and material damage, according to the First information from the Peruvian authorities. The earthquake shook at 05:52 local time (10:52 GMT) The northern jungle and a vast area near the Central Coast, said the National Institute of Peruvian Geophysics.

Munich - a Monday Night Game, which will remain remembered many fans for a long time.

Sean McDermott © Getty Sean McDermott

At the 14: 10 Success of the New England Patriots on the Buffalo Bills particularly an actor that has happened: the no-ending wind, who prepared problems with the players across the whole game.

While the bills tried all the power to mercilessly pull their Game Plan despite orcan sinks, the Patriots chose a different approach. Coach legend Bill Belichick put almost exclusively on the running game in view of the circumstances. 46 Run trials were just three tried passports - yet this tactic was enough for victory.

The wolf returns to the Ile-de-France

 The wolf returns to the Ile-de-France according to the French Office of Biodiversity (OFB), a wolf has been photographed in the field of a village of Yvelines (Ile-de-France) . © Christophe Gateau / AP / SIPA They first thought of a dog. But the authorities confirmed Sunday that it was a wolf that was photographed on November 11 in a field of Blaru (Yvelines), about 70 kilometers from Paris. Two specialists from the French Biodiversity Office (OFB) noted traces DNA of the beast and claimed that they belonged to a gray wolf.

What kind of fans sounds like a brilliant move, Head Coach Sean McDermott did not want to sit so easily.

McDermott mourn possibilities according to

"Let Bill Belichick do not put us higher than he has earned anyway," the 47-year-old screamed after the game on the press conference: "Whether it was in the end of Bill or anywhere else it was. They beat us, that's enough, "McDermott did not feel annoyed.

For him, it did not hang on the Game Plan, but in the execution: "If you had told me before the game, that we start on average at the 40 yard line and he at the 23, I would have taken that immediately. We have taken one Of four redzone possibilities, they did not use their only one, "he said about the supposed opportunity of his team.

"With all respect: That was not Bill Belichick. In the end, it's about what you do from his possibilities. And what have we made out of it? The ball lost the 30-yard line. It was simply sloppy football" , he finally touched.

PSG-BOSS Nasser Al-Khelaifi speaks plain text: "have zero contact" to Zinedine Zidane

 PSG-BOSS Nasser Al-Khelaifi speaks plain text: PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi has spoken with regard to rumors about coach Mauricio Pochettino and its potential successor Zinedine Zidane Klartext. © Getty Mauricio Pochettino PSG to Zidane "we have zero contact, even if he is a top coach," said Al-Khelaifi on the edge of the balloon d'Or awards in Paris the television station L'Equipe. French media last reported by a meeting between the former coach of Real Madrid and PSG officials in a Parisian Nobel Hotel.

Bills pushed again in the running game

At the end of the game, the Patriots stood at 222 Rushing Yards as a team. Often Bill Belichick brought a sixth offensive lineman on the field to create even more room for the much busy running backs. Also, the German Fullback Jakob Johnson stood in half of all Snaps as an additional blocker in the lineup.

In fact, the Patriots were not the first team that made the bills hard to life in the running game. Already two weeks ago McDermott and Co. were crossed by the Indianapolis Colts merciless - then the Bill's defense even had to swallow 264 yards and four touchdowns in the running game.

, Belichick has apparently not only oriented to the weather, but an already known weakness of the bills mercilessly exploited. The difference: The weather conditions played a role in the meaning that the bills on the offensive side had little answers ready - and their own possibilities for.

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coach Koschinat and player duo are missing the FCS against Havelse .
in the Ludwigspark sold out with 4500 spectators, the 1st FC Saarbrücken against Sc Freiburg II continued his winning streak. The coach looked yellow for the fourth time. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner must be watched against Havelse: FCS coach Uwe Koschinat (Li. Adriano Grimaldi).

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