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US News: Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron will meet with Vladimir Putin "in the coming days"

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received their Vaccine Recall

 Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received their Vaccine Recall © Thomas Coex Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte on the Perron of the Elysee, September 27, 2021 Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received this weekend their weekend Vaccinal reminder against COVID-19, and at the same time vaccinated against the flu. "Vaccine reminder" and "flu vaccine" are both checked in green in a tweet broadcast Monday morning by the French president. "Brigitte Macron received this weekend a recall dose of the VVID-19 vaccine.

Emmanuel Macron aux côtés de Vladimir Poutine, le 29 mai 2017 à Versailles lors de la venue du dirigeant russe en France. © Stephane de Sakutin / AFP Emmanuel Macron alongside Vladimir Putin, May 29, 2017 in Versailles during the coming of the Russian leader in France.

For several days, Washington, NATO and Kiev have accused Moscow to massage troops at the border with Ukraine to attack the country. US President Joe Biden spoke on this Tuesday, December 7 with Vladimir Putin.

Emmanuel Macron will share "In the coming days" with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin so to avoid a military climbing in Ukraine , the Élysée said on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. He should also discuss with Its Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky .

Tensions in Ukraine: a videoconferencing call between Putin and Biden in preparation, according to the Kremlin

 Tensions in Ukraine: a videoconferencing call between Putin and Biden in preparation, according to the Kremlin One of the main subjects of discord concerns the movement of Russian troops around Ukraine, theater since 2014 of a conflict between Kiev and separatists Prorussses in eastern © Mikhail Metzel / Tass / Sipa USA / SIPA Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, Wednesday, Geneva, June 2021.

In a statement, the French Presidency indicated that Emmanuel Macron was again maintained in the day of the Ukrainian crisis with the other leaders of the "Quint" - United States, Germany, Great Britain and Italy.

The five Heads of State and Government reaffirmed their determination to work together to guarantee the sovereignty, stability and security of Ukraine, "said the Elysee.

"The appeasement process" with Russia

These statements intervene while the American and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin spoke on the back of fears of a Russian military climbing in Ukraine.

interrogated by journalists on possible new sanctions against Russia, on the occasion of a trip in the expensive this Tuesday , Emmanuel Macron felt that we had to wait for the "resulting from the Discussion " between his American and Russian counterparts before a possible " hardening ".

"Our strategy is to hire a job and a process of appeasement" , he added. "The idea is rather to try (Vladimir Putin) re-engage in coordination formats with us" , he insisted, recalling the existence of the "Normandy format" between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France.

The goal is "having a format also for" bluffing ", remove voltage on the relationship with NATO» , still indicated, while Moscow sees a bad eye on the possible integration of Kiev into the Atlantic Alliance. Vladimir Putin also claimed Tuesday to Joe Biden "Guarantees" on NATO's non-enlargement in Ukraine.

Ukraine: NATO and EU Menace Moscow of "Lourdes Consequences" .
© Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin Pool / / EPA / Sputnik Pool / EFE NATO, European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Threats, Sanctions L ES Tensions do not wamber between Russia and the Western world, while the Ukrainian situation continues to worry observers. Thursday, December 16, at the end of a European summit, the 27 European Heads of State promised "heavy consequences" to Russia, if ever his army had to intervene in Ukraine. "Any new aggression (...) will have heavy consequences and a high cost", have wr

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