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US News: The Iranian Nuclear Nuclear Talks Resume Thursday - Agencies

talks on atomic agreements with Iran are resumed

 talks on atomic agreements with Iran are resumed After more than five months interruption, the talks on a revival of the International Atom Agreement with Iran will be resumed on Monday in Vienna. According to an EU diplomat, the talks between representatives of Iran and the remaining contractor Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and China should start at 2:00 pm at Hotel Palais Coburg. The US Special Officer for the Iran, Rob Malley, only participates in the talks.

Iran-Nuclear / Talks: Iranian Nuclear Talks will resume Thursday - Agencies

Dubai, 7 December (Reuters) - The Talks on Safeguarding the Agreement on Nuclear Agreement Iranian will resume Thursday in Vienna, report Tuesday the Iranian news agencies.

"We will continue discussions on Thursday (...) and expect concrete measures of Westerners," said the main Iranian negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, during a visit to Moscow that the ISNA news agency reports.

According to Tasnim, another Iranian agency, Ali Bagheri Kani arrested this date in agreement with the coordinator of the European Union Enrique Mora.

The talks were interrupted on Friday, European leaders expressing their consternation against the requirements of Iranian negotiators.

Iranian Nuclear: Resumption of Tension Negotiations in Vienna

 Iranian Nuclear: Resumption of Tension Negotiations in Vienna © Florian Schroeter, AP The flag of Iran floats in front of the international center building with the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, in Vienna In Austria, Monday, May 24, 2021. After five months of break, the United States of Joe Biden resume Monday in Vienna the indirect negotiations with Iran about the Iranian nuclear agreement. Observers remain pessimistic about the possibility of saving the agreement spent in 2015. The atmosphere is stretched in Vienna.

"The proposals presented by Iran last week do not constitute a reasonable basis and compatible with the objective of a quick conclusion in respect of the interests of all. None of the delegations present, except Iran, has The desired negotiation restarts on this basis, "said the spokesman for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anne-Claire Legendre, at a press briefing.

The seventh cycle of negotiations that opened on November 29 in Vienna is the first to which delegates participated in the new Ultracial President Iranian Ebrahim Raisi, elected last June.

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Lead 1-nuclear Iranian-The Vienna Discussions will be interrupted Friday-Diplomats .
Iran-Nucleaire / Negotiations (Lead 1): Iranian Lead 1-Nuclear-The Vienna Discussions will be interrupted Friday-Diplomats (updated with details) Vienna, December 16 (Reuters) - Countries still stakeholders in the 2015 Agreement on the Iranian Nuclear Program plan to talk about Friday, at 1:00 pm GMT, to adjourn the discussions in Vienna to restore the agreement, have Declared Thursday three diplomats.

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