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US News: Kobe Bryant Death: These photos that prevent Vanessa Bryant from mourning

Photo - Charlotte Valandrey: Discover its sublime girl Tara lecaisne

 Photo - Charlotte Valandrey: Discover its sublime girl Tara lecaisne © Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage Photo - Charlotte Valandrey: Discover his sublime girl Tara Lecaisne Charlotte Valandrey did not hesitate in 2015 to talk about his fusional relationship with his daughter Tara . Today aged 21, the young woman posts some clichés on her Instagram account. Charlotte Valandrey, who overcame several obstacles to the course of his life had unveiled that his daughter was one of the biggest successes in his life .

  Mort de Kobe Bryant : ces photos qui empêchent Vanessa Bryant de faire son deuil © Hahn Lionel / Abaca

Kobe Bryant was a admired basketball player of all, officiating in the Lakers team. In retirement since 2016, the one that the public described as a legend had been crowned five times NBA champion. But on January 26, 2020, his life switches. The helicopter that carries it, his daughter Gianna and seven other people, crashes on an hill. All succumb to their injuries. The reason for this fatal accident: a thick fog that disoriented the pilot. For the National Transportation Safety Council, "the likely cause of the accident is the pilot's decision to continue to fly in sight in weather conditions that resulted in his disorientation and loss of control" .Depuis, his wife Vanessa Bryant tries to rebuild and continue to live for their daughters . "Mourning is a complex mixture of emotions. One day, you only think of laughing while the following you do not want to live. To all people who suffer and are in times of mourning, I wanted to make you pass this message: find your reason to live. I know it's hard. I, I look at my daughters and try to repel my negative feelings, for them. Death is a certainty, but live until the end of the day is not. Find your reason to live, "she wrote on Instagram last January, one year after this tragic event.

"Storm of Love": The next farewell is at

 Maja (Christina Arends, 30) and Florian (Arne Löber, 29) are the dream couple at " Storm of Love ". After a few heights and depths, they have given the yes-word in front of a fantastic backdrop. While it goes to the Fürstenhof between Max and Vanessa and over it, the two have a festive goal in mind: they will return Germany and climb the plane.

Photos that haunt her

However, Vanessa Bryant is tormented by the existence of some clichés. While in January 2020, when it learns the accident, it specifies in his statement to the police: "If you can not bring my husband and baby, please make sure that no one takes Photos of them ", she later discovers that sheriff and firefighters deposits are sharing photos of the bodies, as she entrusted to" TMZ ". If since, the authorities have tried to end this scandal and ensure that they have all been removed, Vanessa Bryant remains suspicious. The widow of the player herself had access to one of these clichés. A vision that has not left it. "Since I saw this picture, I'm tormented by thoughts. I wonder who took it and if it's my husband, "she told" TMZ ". It therefore decided to continue the County of Los Angeles in court. On Monday, December 6, she filed a new statement file, following a request from the Los Angeles police who argue for the rejection of the case.

Koh Lanta: Insults, death threats ... The big shot of Denis Brogniart!

 Koh Lanta: Insults, death threats ... The big shot of Denis Brogniart! While some adventurers of "Koh Lanta" are trying death threats on social networks, Denis Brogniart typed fist on the table. © Abaca While some adventurers of "Koh Lanta" are trying to death threats on social networks, Denis Brogniart typed fist on the table. is a reassembled Denis Brogniart that spoke on Europe 1. As the final of "Koh Lanta", Julien Magne, producer of the show, and Coumba were the guests of Philippe Vandel , in the show "Media Culture".

"These deputies and firefighters have taken the worst thing that never came to me and aggravated it"

in these six new pages, filed by his lawyer Luis Li, we can read according to the "Washington Post": "Photos Close-up of the remains of Gianna and Kobe have been transmitted [to] at least 28 devices and by at least a dozen firefighters. It is also specified: "The free sharing continued in the following weeks and included such scandal driving as the display of photos in a bar. (...) a deputy burst out laughing by sharing photos; Another described the remains of the victims of the accident as "hamburgers" and "bunch of meat". Vanessa Bryant said in the case: "These deputies and firefighters have taken the worst thing that never happened to me - the worst thing that can come to a mother or a spouse - and aggravated it. She concludes: "I will never be able to get rid of the anxiety of knowing that those responsible, who are supposed to protect us, treated Kobe and Gianna with such lack of respect. For the rest of my life, one of two following things will happen: either the close-up photos of my husband's bodies and my daughter will become virals, or I will continue to live in the fear that this happens. »

North Korea tries to make its executions (NGOs) .
© Johannes Eisele A North Korean soldier monitors the border with China near Sinuiju, North Korea, April 2017 North Korea continues To practice public executions but is now striving to make them invisible to the outside world, an organization based in Seoul, which suggests that Pyongyang cares more from its image abroad.

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