US News: Investigations against vaccinations Run: Kretschmer does not want to be intimidated by murder plans

"Vaccine is not enough": Berlin cash markets against vaccinations in the pharmacy

 Berlin - The Kassenärztliche Association (KV) Berlin rejects the demand of the Minister of Health of the Minister of Health of participating in Covid-19's vaccination campaign. "The vaccine is currently not even enough for the vaccinating practices. Since we have zero understanding that now also pharmacies should play with me, "said on Wednesday from the KV board.

Dresden Empfold Planned to kill Saxons Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer. Both the LKA Saxony and the waistband are turned on.

Michael Kretschmer (CDU), Ministerpräsident von Sachsen, spricht im Sächsischen Landtag zur Bekämpfung der Corona-Pandemie. (Archivbild, 19.11.2021) © Photo: Robert Michael / Dpa Michael Kretschmer (CDU), Prime Minister of Saxony, speaks in the Saxon Landtag to fight the Corona Pandemic. (Archive image, 19.11.2021)

Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) does not want to be intimidated from threats against his person. "We have to proceed with all legal means against such a debuting. People who have public offices should not be afraid to tell their opinion and make their work. This applies as well for professional groups like journalists, "he said on Wednesday of the German Press Agency in Dresden.

Otto Schily: General vaccinations is irresponsible and unconstitutional

 Otto Schily: General vaccinations is irresponsible and unconstitutional of the lawyer and former top politician Otto Schily expects the current Corona policy. Schily, who is entitled to own information three times, holds a general vaccination obligation for "irresponsible" and "simply unconstitutional". In a guest contribution for the world, Schily writes: "In a liberal-rule of democracy, the state should not queue to impose a certain medical treatment for each person." It was "unscognizable, the previous definitions in a question that the core of fundamental right

In the Messenger service Telegram were after a report by the ZDF magazine "Frontal 21" comments on murder plans against Kretschmer appeared. "I do not care. Of course I am in worry. But I develop more force and energy. If that's the condition as we handle each other, then this country would be lost. And that's not. "

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Kretschmer reported to receive a lot of popularity: "It's not about me, but about the question of who assumes responsibility in democracy - in a variety of points, whether in the local council, as a mayor, journalist or deputy in the state parliament. These people must be protected. You are not allowed to be afraid of your life. "

Hacker, Erresser, Whistleblower: This Employee from Bright is a real plague

 Hacker, Erresser, Whistleblower: This Employee from Bright is a real plague of this employee has robbed his employer, it then camouflaged as a hack, a ransom demanding and also turned against him as a supposed Whistleblower. The damage is huge. © ra2 Studio / Shutterstock Missful blackmail test drives presser on the palm. would have the title "Employee from Hell of the Year", Nickolas Sharp, a former employee of the network device manufacturer Ubiquiti, had earned himself. What he should have deducted from his employer is hard to believe.

after the threats in the Telegram Chatgruppe determine police and Attorney General. Against the grouping "Dresden offline networking" and their members, there is a criminal offense, said the Landeskriminal Office (LKA) Saxony on Wednesday. The central office extremism Saxony of the Attorney Officer Dresden examined which inheritance would be in question.

The ZDF program "Frontal21" had reported on Murder plans on Tuesday evening on murder plans with a view to the Saxon Prime Minister. For the contribution, journalists of the Telegram Group contributed under the wrong name.

Saxon government turns to Federal Ministry of Interior

whose 103 members associate the rejection against vaccinations, the state and the current Corona policy , it was said from the editors. In voice messages from the chat group, which have been displayed in the article, members of "Dresden offline crosslinking" called for armed violence.

Bundestag: Traffic light parties defend parties of parties

 Bundestag: Traffic light parties defend parties of parties SPD, Greens and FDP want to replenish the Infection Protection Act: the most important points at a glance. © Michele Tantussi / Reuters In the Bundestag, the deputies debate among other things via a partial vaccination. traffic lights parties defend peilial obligation The Bundestag has first advised on the planned corona vaccination obligation for staff in clinics and nursing homes.

"Remarks of individual members to the alleged possession of sharp weapons and armrests flow into the evaluation," said the LKA now. The investigation takes over the police terrorism and extremism defense center with its special commission right-wing extremism in the LKA.

After the announcement of murder plans against Saxons Prime Minister, the Saxon state government has turned to the New Federal Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD). He had contacted Faeser on Wednesday and asked them to make a "national task" from the fight against a radicalization of the Corona protests, said the Saxon Economic Minister Martin Dulig (SPD), before journalists in Dresden.

Dulig said in Dresden when it comes to such calls, then take the protest against Corona measures forms, "which go far beyond that, what we endure and what we can accept ". It does not handle a problem that only exist in Saxony, even if there are special challenges there. "We really need the solidarity of all here," said Dulig. (AFP, DPA)

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