US News: Notre-Dame de Paris: We will know more Thursday on the interior design of the Cathedral

Anne Hidalgo loses one of his key deposits at the Paris Mairie

 Anne Hidalgo loses one of his key deposits at the Paris Mairie The former Ecologist Célia Blauel, in charge of the prospective Paris 2030, leaves professional political life "for strictly personal reasons". © supplied by the world Célia Blauel, in September 2014. Bad news for Anne Hidalgo. While the beginning of his presidential campaign is difficult, the Mayor of Paris loses one of the members of his close circle at the Town Hall, Célia Blauel.

The National Heritage Commission and the architecture must render its opinion on the project presented by the diocese

L'intérieur de Notre-Dame de Paris, en avril 2021. © Romain Gaillard / Pool / SIPA The interior of Our Lady of Paris, in April 2021. Home Staging - The National Heritage Commission and Architecture must render its opinion on the project presented by the Diocese

of Street Art and Art contemporary neighboring with biblical tables? After more than two years of waiting, Our Lady of Paris will be fixed Thursday on the outline on his future interior design. The National Heritage and Architecture Commission (CNA) must render its opinion on the internal and liturgical redevelopment of Gothic cathedral, partly destroyed in 2019 by a gigantic fire. With his project, the diocese of Paris intended to give him a new youth before his reopening planned in 2024.

Thiais: a report judges dangerous a building of the city of Paris occupied by migrants

 Thiais: a report judges dangerous a building of the city of Paris occupied by migrants an assistant to the town hall of Paris must go to the places © SIPA The residence located in Thiais (Val-de-Marne) is The property of the city of Paris. of the Accord - An Assistant to the Paris City Hall must go to the places the residence of the Baudemons of Thiais ( Val-de-Marne ) is illegally occupied by 150 migrants. The inspection report led by firefighters on November 2, however, considered dangerous the site belonging to the Paris town hall. It evokes fire risks, reports the Parisian .

Contemporary artists like the French father of Urban Art Ernest Pignon-Ernest, the artists Anselm Kiefer or Louise Bourgeois could see their Works "dialogue" with those of old masters like the brothers the dwarf or Charles Le Brun, depending on the world. AFP confirmed information "as examples" by the Ministry of Culture , which is "not at all opposite". Face height light, wheeled benches with luminances to replace secular chairs, clean central axis and biblical phrases projected in several languages ​​on the walls are also part of the project.

"We will be able to rediscover Notre-Dame in another way"

"Ensure compliance with the laws of heritage, to reversibility [of certain choices] and to respect the historical monument: that's what the CNA must be careful", Specifies to AFP Senator (LR) Albéric de Montgolfier, President of this Commission. As for the choice of works of art, "it's very subjective," he tempers. "The good side of this drama is that we will be able to rediscover Notre-Dame in another way," adds the honorable senator. He speaks of a "more refined vision" that "corresponds to what it was at its origin."

A new hotel with a private garden has just opened in Montmartre

 A new hotel with a private garden has just opened in Montmartre © Benoit Linero after inaugurated George in the Champs-Elysees district and The Hotel de la Ponche in Saint-Tropez, the group Addresses Hotels puts the course on Montmartre. Located Rue Aristide Brunt, between the walls of an old private house dating from the nineteenth century, it is the interior architect Marion Collard who imagined the decor. The Hotel Mr Aristide in Paris © Provided by Vogue The Hotel Mr. Aristide in Paris The Hotel Mr.

He welcomes a "deep cleaning" of the 14 chapels, already dilapidated before the fire, and some of which were used to store furniture and material for lack of space. This will, he says, to rediscover the "Mays", great altar paintings ordered each year to great artists, between 1630 and 1707, by the corporation of the goldsmiths who offered them at the cathedral.

Our file on Notre-Dame

It is about "better welcoming" the public in "respect for worship", explains Father Gilles Drouin, charged with this redevelopment by the archbishop of Paris, Mgrhel Apepetit (who has just resigned from its functions). Pragmatic, Father Drouin, Director of the Higher Institute of Liturgy, welcomes the fact of finding "a solution" for the storage of the equipment and furniture in the crypt, under the building, thanks to a "lift" . Old chairs like new benches will be able to get off according to the needs and the influx.

Parisnotre-Dame de Paris: The Diocese will present on 9 December the internal redevelopment of the cathedral Parisnotre-Dame de Paris: how the capital wants "magnify" the surroundings of the cathedral

Notre-Dame de Paris: a virtual tour in preparation under the forecut of the Cathedral .
Equipped with a helmet and "guided by a mate virtual builder", visitors "will believe to evolve in the building and its surroundings, to different periods of its history ". © Provided by FranceInfo A company associated with Orange will propose a virtual reality visit from Notre-Dame-de-Paris in the parking lot under the forecourt, during the reconstruction work of the cathedral burned in 2019, decided the Council from Paris Friday, December 17th.

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