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US News: USA-The House of Representatives adopts the Bill Prohibiting Products from the Xinjiang

Wish dereferencing. Bruno The Mayor promises sanctions in case of non-application

 Wish dereferencing. Bruno The Mayor promises sanctions in case of non-application © Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters Bruno The Mayor, the Minister of Economy and Finance, in Bercy, September 22, 2021. on "France 2", Bruno The mayor came back on Monday, November 29, 2021 on the dereferencing of the Wish online sales platform and mentioned the sanctions that would be inflicted on the search engines that do not apply this measure.

USA-China / Xinjiang - Congress: USA-The House of Representatives adopts the bill prohibiting products from the Xinjiang

Washington, 9 December (Reuters) - The US House of Representatives approved Wednesday a bill prohibiting imports from the Chinese Xinjiang region due to forced labor concerns.

The Chamber adopted the "law for the prevention of forced work of the Uyghours" by an overwhelming majority of 428 votes against one.

To enter into force, this law must be approved by the Senate before being signed by the US President Joe Biden. If adopted, this law would create a "presumption refraging" that all Xinjiang products are the result of forced labor.

A large part of the materials used in the manufacture of solar panels comes from Xinjiang.

The United States accuses China of genocide and crimes against humanity in the Xinjiang region, citing the detention of more than one million people, mainly from Muslim minorities, in forced labor camps. Beijing denies these accusations. (Patricia Zengerle report; French version Camille Raynaud)

OJ 2022: China district a diplomatic boycott, which also divides .
© Handout / Reuters the IOC The United Kingdom and Canada joined Wednesday the United States and Australia in the " Boycott Diplomatic From the Beijing Games, new setbacks for the Chinese regime accused by the Westerners to tread the human rights, particularly in its Muslim region of the Xinjiang (Northwest). These countries will send many athletes to games but not official officials.

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