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US News: to Omikron Bloodbath: Morgan Stanley deletes oil price forecast for the first quarter 2022 Together

Omikron variant: Moderna boss fears bad effectiveness of the vaccines

 Omikron variant: Moderna boss fears bad effectiveness of the vaccines The boss of the US vaccine manufacturer Moderna, Stephane Bancel, fears a severely limited effectiveness of the existing vaccines against the newly discovered omikron variant of the coronavirus. Because of the many mutations of the variant, scientists went out of a "considerable decrease" of the protective effect, said Bancel of the "Financial Times" of Tuesday. His company has already started working on a revised vaccine, but this will take several months.

The emergence of the new Corona variant Omikron has taken care of the international stock markets for a quake. The oil prices also came into the downlow in the course of renewed lockdown worries. The US investment bank Morgan Stanley then pulled the ripper and stroked its oil outlook for the first quarter of 2022.

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• Omikron ensures sell-off at equity and oil markets

• Morgan Stanley sees oversupply in the first quarter 2022 and reduces outlook

• oversupply is likely to be offered by the end of 2022 to offer deficit

Like a bauble strike, the report suggested the international stock exchanges, in southern Africa a new possibly more dangerous corona mutation had been discovered. Promptly flared old worries, it might be enough in view of the currently previously recovered Corona situation again Lockdowns and the proven vaccines against the variant offered now on the names of Omikron be less effective. In the episode, investors swelled the stock market parquet and thus caused deep red signs to the stock markets .

to Coronaur Part: Union calls for new emergency brake - Ampelpartei FDP warns of restrictions

 to Coronaur Part: Union calls for new emergency brake - Ampelpartei FDP warns of restrictions According to the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court, CDU and CSU require a new emergency brake in front of the federal-state summit at noon. FDP and green do not want to go so far. © DPA Bavaria Prime Minister demands a new emergency brake after the judgment from Karlsruhe. The Confederation was allowed to impose outgoing and contact restrictions in the third pandemewelle in the spring of the coronanot brake. This has communicated the Federal Constitutional Court to Tuesday morning .

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oil prices in the course of the omikron discovery under great pressure

but not only there it hailed strokes. Also on the oil markets , it went deeply down: both the North Sea resorts Brent and the US oil from Texas, WTI, temporarily lost two-digit . Even during the first Corona wave in early 2020, oil prices were dramatically crashed due to emerging demand guests. In addition, the emergence of the new Corona variant comes to a conceivable bad time, as the US and other consumer countries had decided shortly before, due to high energy prices to the 's own strategic oil reserves to access .

Morgan Stanley lowers Brent-price views for the first quarter of 2022

So the US investment bank Morgan Stanley has decided to dramatically reduce its prognosis for the oil price in the first quarter 2022. As Reuters reported, the Bank has now spread the outlook for the Brent Prize from previous $ 95 per barrel to $ 82.50.

Müller wants fast vaccination in Africa

 Müller wants fast vaccination in Africa of the outgoing federal development Minister Gerd Müller calls for a faster vaccine pace in Africa. Only seven percent of all Africans are completely vaccinated. "That's far too little," complains of the CSU politician.

, according to the financial institution, is likely to press another factor on the price of oil, namely, the decision of the OPEC + Alliance continues to capture its production increase despite the occurrence of the omikron variant. As of January 2022, the oil network decided to extend its daily flow rate by 400,000 barrels. In the course of this, the concern increases from an oversupply to the markets.

Mid to the end of 2022, however, is likely to dominate offer deficit

, however, during the year 2022, this is likely to develop into an offer deficit, Morgan Stanley in the report all-clearing. Thus, the Kreditanstalt raised its outlook for the Brent Prize for the Third Quarter 2022 even from $ 85 to 90 US dollars. "That the Brent Prize is going to swawing to recent heights, probably happened in mid-2022 or after that," Reuters cites the financial house. For 2023, the bank assumes that the deficit may still expand. Editorial

supplier: RWE provides gas storage in the Czech Republic for Sale .
The energy supplier wants to separate financial circles from the edge area. An evaluation of a three-digit million amount is expected. © DPA RWE can use the revenue from the sale for the planned investments in the new core business renewable energies. RWE prepares for sale of its gas storage business in the Czech Republic, according to financial circles, which is no longer considered core business.

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