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US News: biden threat poutine penalties "As it has never seen it" in case of invasion of Ukraine

Diplomatic Tew with Troop March

 Diplomatic Tew with Troop March The tensions between Ukraine and Russia are a challenge for the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers. A turn could bring a scheduled conversation between the US and Russia's resort chefs. © Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / TASS / Imago Images US Secretary of Foreign Minister Antony Blinking (l.) And his Russian colleague Sergej Lavrov met most recently in May 2021 According to the US government, Foreign Minister Antony will blink with his Russian counterpart Sergej Lawrow together on Thursday

  Biden menace Poutine de sanctions « comme il n’en a jamais vu » en cas d’invasion de l’Ukraine © Copyright 2021, Obs

US President Joe Biden agitated on Wednesday 8 December the threat of sanctions like Vladimir Putin "Never saw" in case of invasion of Ukraine , his Russian counterpart judging him that Moscow had "the right" to defend himself. Other Western countries have also raised the tone.

"I was very clear: if it invades Ukraine", there will be "economic consequences like it has never seen," said Joe Biden in front of journalists at the White House, at The day after a two-hour interview with Vladimir Putin.

If the Democratic President has for the time being removed the sending of American troops because Kiev is not a member of NATO, the diplomatic pressure is increasing on the Kremlin, accused to massage tens of thousands of soldiers to The border with Ukraine , with a view to attacking the country.

Putin and biden could talk videoconferencing, according to the Kremlin

 Putin and biden could talk videoconferencing, according to the Kremlin Russia-USA-Kremlin: Putin and biden could interfere with videoconference, according to Kremlin © Reuters / Pool Putin and Biden could talk By videoconference, according to the Kremlin Moscow (Reuters) - preparations are underway to organize a videoconferencing interview between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden, announced the Kremlin Friday, the day after an unsuccessful meeting between The foreign ministers of the two countries on the Ukrainian crisis.

Kiev also received the support of the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, which threatened Wednesday of "Consequences" for the North Stream 2 controversial pipeline connecting Russia to Germany in case of invasion. "Our position is very clear, we want the inviolability of borders to be respected by all," he said in his first interview after taking office.

Ukraine: this negotiation that is done without Europe

The White House did not clearly say if Joe Biden had mentioned this means of pressure during his interview with Vladimir Putin, but the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan insisted on this option "absolutely priority". The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the President of the European Council Charles Michel agreed on Wednesday, during an appeal, "the need to impose quick and severe sanctions in Russia" if the military escalation intensified .

threat of invasion of Ukraine: the United States prepares a "set of initiatives" to counter a possible Russian attack

 threat of invasion of Ukraine: the United States prepares a © Valery Ax Joe Biden said to prepare a "set of initiatives" to protect the Ukraine of a Russian attack. AFP / Andrew Caballero-Reynolds Ukraine is found again, at the heart of international diplomatic tensions. This Friday night, American President Joe Biden said to prepare a "set of initiatives" aimed at protecting the Ukraine from a Russian attack, when Kiev and Washington accuse Moscow to prepare an invasion.

VIDEO: Tensions in Ukraine: Biden Threat Putin of Hard Sanctions (Dailymotion)

The United Kingdom and France also joined the concert of European voices, calling Vladimir Putin to the restraint. In Paris, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned Russia of the "strategic and mass consequences" that would have aggression against Ukraine.

"Defense means" for its part, Russia denies any bellicose for its neighbor, of which it appended the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, but categorically opposes Kiev's accession to NATO. Vladimir Putin stated on Wednesday that Moscow had "the right to protect his safety", believing that leaving NATO approaches his borders without reacting would be "criminal". "We can only be concerned about the possibility of an admission of Ukraine within NATO, because it would undoubtedly be accompanied by a deployment of military contingents, bases and arms. Threaten, "he added.

Video Summit: Biden threatens Putin in Ukraine crisis with consequences

 Video Summit: Biden threatens Putin in Ukraine crisis with consequences US President Joe Biden has threatened with the Video Summit with its Russian colleague Vladimir Putin according to the White House in the event of an escalation in Ukraine conflict with consequences. The white house shared after the good two-hour conversation on Tuesday, Biden expressed "the deep concern of the United States and our European allies" about the crisis.

During his interview with the tenant of the White House, the Russian President asked for "safe legal guarantees" that would prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

Belarus, Ukraine: The disturbing game of Vladimir Putin A Washington, Joe Biden found that "the sacred obligation" which binds to the countries of the Atlantic Alliance "does not extend to Ukraine" , excluding for the moment a military intervention. But he warned that a Russian attack in Ukraine would lead to a strengthening of the US military presence in the territories of NATO members in Eastern Europe. The US President also "clearly stated in Ukraine" that, in this case, the United States would provide "means of defense".

Ukraine will already receive "light weapons and ammunition", sent this week as part of a support plan approved by Joe Biden, on Wednesday announced the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

These tensions awaken the spectrum of a new military confrontation in Ukraine , a poor country of Eastern Europe torn since 2014 by a war between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists in the East. Kiev accuses Russia to support the separatists, which Nie Moscow. The conflict has made more than 13,000 deaths.

Ukraine: NATO and EU Menace Moscow of "Lourdes Consequences" .
© Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin Pool / / EPA / Sputnik Pool / EFE NATO, European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Threats, Sanctions L ES Tensions do not wamber between Russia and the Western world, while the Ukrainian situation continues to worry observers. Thursday, December 16, at the end of a European summit, the 27 European Heads of State promised "heavy consequences" to Russia, if ever his army had to intervene in Ukraine. "Any new aggression (...) will have heavy consequences and a high cost", have wr

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