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US News: Freiburg Before Top Game Triple Pack: "Want to grow up on top"

Dramatic fan limit for VfB and Co.

 Dramatic fan limit for VfB and Co. In Baden-Württemberg, the fans of the Bundesliga clubs will be ruled out again. However, not complete, a small number may continue to the stadium. © Provided by Dramatic fan limit for VfB and Co. The football clubs from Baden-Württemberg must be set to almost empty stadiums for the time being. The state with a view to the current Corona situation decided to dramatically reduce the number of audience in major events from Saturday.

The three points in Gladbach were more important than the door and record rush, Christian Streich finds. For the psyche, the self-esteem and because another "extremely attractive" top game three-pack before Christmas is waiting for the spreadsheet from Freiburg.

Will mit Freiburg oben dran bleiben: Christian Streich. © Imago Images / Laci Perenyi wants to stick to Freiburg up: Christian Streich.

Record win in Gladbach? "Huge relief" for Streich & Co.

strike is ready to classify the 6-0 ridge victory in Gladbach as sober as possible. "Yesterday we made the video analysis. There we had things that were good and things we need to do better - as usual." The Freiburg coach speaks on Thursday as if he experiences a completely ordinary training week after a completely ordinary game. And then goes closer to the highest success in the Freiburg Bundesligahistory and its meaning: "Something happens. That has a few reasons, also positive for us, but there are always many things together. I do not feel like That anyone says that it goes so on. "

Football Kreisliga A: Hellas winters on rank one

 Football Kreisliga A: Hellas winters on rank one Hellas Troisdorf has secured the autumn championship in the football A-league. You benefited from the bankruptcy of the TSV Wolsdorf. The game of Allner-Bödingen against Birk was relocated to the guests due to confirmed Corona cases (December 12). © Quentin Bröhl Hellas Actor Samet Cetin SV Lohmar - TSV Wolsdorf 1: 0 (0: 0). "We won today against a really strong opponent.

instead of a fearful pleasure about its own record spectacle, in the Freiburg, held a completely different feeling in the Freiburger, "we all felt a huge relief because we could now reward ourselves for the really appealing achievements." Especially at the 1: 2 in Bochum and the 0: 2 against Frankfurt previously had expense and yield in a crass failure. "The week after Bochum was really exhausting with a lot of frustration in the funding phase. With the perspective, which comes to us in the next eight days, the victory was very important. Pointly - but also for our psyche, our short-term self-esteem and the Conviction that we can also win a game when we play properly. "

Is the bound record cracked?

The sense of victory was only at short notice during the surprising and predominantly unfortunate phase with three defeats in series. The Freiburg has already gotten three points seven times in this season and set their previous best value with the currently 25 meters after 14 games. Two years ago, the string-eleven had the same score three rounds before Christmas, but in the English Week took only one counter (in Berlin, against Bavaria and on Schalke) and became aft at the end of the season.

The "Bestia Negra": That's why Barca fears before Müller

 The The FC Barcelona is a favorite opponent of Thomas Müller. The national player meets against the Catalans at will - and makes a clear announcement before the coming duel. © Provided by The "Bestia Negra": That's why Barca is afraid of Müller with five wins from five games, FC Bayern is certainly fixed as a group winner before the final duel with FC Barcelona. (Champions League: FC Bayern - FC Barcelona on Wed.

the previous round record with 33 meters from the season 1994/95, which with the 3rd place in the end continues to be the best in the SC history, the SC professionals can only crack with a flawless English week, It has in itself for the spreadsheet: On Saturday comes the fifth Hoffenheim, then the Sixth Union Berlin is going before the home game against the currently third Leverkusen decides the football year.

"There are attractive games"

"There are attractive games, I would really look at, if I should not be there," says prank, as part of a lot of successful success: "25 points are good, but we really want more. How many are, I do not know. We have been moving since 14 playing in these table areas and still want to rest over there, if there is somehow, there will be a very intense week, which is sporty but extremely attractive. We look forward to it The games. You realize that in the team. "

Last season, the SC brought the SC for the first time under prank nine points in an English week. The opponents Bielefeld, Schalke and Hertha managed at the time but all in the lower table half - like the SC itself.

Paderborn launches on January 2nd - Test against Wolfsburg .
Already on January 2, 2022, the SC Paderborn puts the preparations for the remaining matches of the second round. Three test games has terminated the second division.

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