US News: Ligue 1: PSG-New Arrest again farewell?

Nice arrives in strength to Paris

 Nice arrives in strength to Paris © provided by Andy Deort (OGC Nice) || 213938_0038 2021 2022 Allianz Riviera French Championship Championship FC Metz FCM FFF Football France Ligue 1 Ligue 1 Uber Eats Ligue1 Metz Nice Ogc Nice Ogcn Sport Sports Battus at home last weekend by the FC Metz (0-1, 15th day Ligue 1) , the Niçois find themselves in the obligation to bounce back as soon as possible. But against the PSG , Wednesday evening in Paris, the mission promises to be recorded.

PSG-NEWNZEND Georginio Wijnaldum wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain apparently again. As Sky Sports reports, the 31-year-old probably dulls after only six months with a return to the Premier League.

  Ligue 1: PSG-Neuzugang schon wieder vor Abschied? © Provided by Spox

Accordingly, the FC Arsenal would already be a customer for Wijnaldum. Also Newcastle United, for which the Dutch had already played in the 2015/16 season, is apparently in the raffle.

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"The situation is not what I wanted," Wijnaldum had already explained in October: "I have in recent years Much played, was always fit and have also beaten me very well. That's something else and you have to get used to it. I was very happy about the new step and then something happens. "That's very difficult."

Wijnaldum decided for PSG and against Bavaria

Wijnaldum was transferred from FC Liverpool to Paris in the summer, also decided against FC Bayern Munich. In the French capital, he has not come beyond the role of the supplementary player.

crossstandingly, Wijnaldum only played four games over 90 minutes, and he is usually only a substitute. His contract at PSG runs until 2024.

mbed, disturbing words for PSG .
© provided by Kylian Mbappé used to make the headlines of the sports press, whether for its exploits with the PSG and the France team or For the uncertainty weighing around his future, Kylian mbed is displayed in one of Paris Match this Thursday.

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