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US News: Participation in Federal Assembly agreed: Christian Drosten will choose for Berlin's green new Federal Presidents

The Casa de Panel: a Star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the Korean adaptation of the Netflix series (VIDEO)

 The Casa de Panel: a Star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the Korean adaptation of the Netflix series (VIDEO) © Capture Twitter The Casa de Panel: A star of Squid Game will play Berlin in the adaptation Korean of the Netflix Series (VIDEO) Ads around Casa de Panel continue before the broadcast of season 5 Part 2. A Korean version is in preparation with one of the actors of the Squid Game series and he will incarner Berlin. The actors of La Casa de Papel were gathered for an exceptional day organized in Madrid, on Tuesday, November 30.

The Green Group in the Berlin House of Representatives has landed a scoop: she nominates the virologen's suffrosting for the Federal Assembly in February 2022.

Eine der wichtigsten Stimmen in der Corona-Pandemie: Charité-Virologe Christian Drosten. © Photo: Michael Kappeler / DPA One of the most important voices in the Corona Pandemic: Charité virologist Christian droost.

The virologist Christian's drost will participate in February 2022 for the Greens at the Federal Assembly. This shared the Green Group in the Berlin House of Representatives on Friday. In addition to exitors, the author Ferda Ataman and the EU parliamentarian and refugee activist Erik Marquardt are nominated.

In addition, from the Green Group, the currently three faction leaders Antje Kapek, Silke Gebel and Bettina Jarash are participated. Gebel and Kapeek shared on Friday: "We are very grateful to Christian Route, that he has been explaining the Coronavirus the Coronavirus since two years, and we look forward to accepting our invitation to the Federal Assembly."

traffic lighting completed - Cabinet sworn

 traffic lighting completed - Cabinet sworn Berlin. The traffic light coalition is: All 16 ministers and ministers have done their own office on Wednesday afternoon. Thus, Germany has a new government. © Michael Kappeler Robert Habeck (Alliance 90 / The Greens), Federal Minister of Economics and Climate Protection, lays down in the Bundestag in front of Bärbel Bas (SPD), Bundestag President, during the swearing. The government formation for the first traffic light coalition in the federal government is completed.

Gebel and Kapek declared that politics relies on science to make evidence-based decisions. "With the posting of the dead, we also want to set a sign

against the slanderous attacks on scientists: inside ," it continued.

About the nomination of Ferda Ataman, author and founding member of the new German media makers, said the Group Chairs: "With Ferda Ataman, we send a strong voice of the diversity of Germany, which not only reminds us green stable that the way to real participation and representation Often a further one is. " Erik Marquardt is also a "passionate fighter for human rights", so he was sent.

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The Federal Assembly consists of the 736 members of the German Bundestag and the same Number of members selected in the federal states. These can also be artists, athletes, activists or just virologen. The parliaments of the federal states nominate these persons. The Federal Assembly only applies to the election of a new Federal President. After the distribution key, the Berlin Greens can name seven members for the assembly.

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