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US News: Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan writes Google History

Meghan Markle violently criticized by Donald Trump

 Meghan Markle violently criticized by Donald Trump © Callahan Kristin / Everett Collection / Abaca Meghan Markle violently criticized by Donald Trump Donald Trump does not wear Meghan Markle in his heart. The former US president gave an interview to Nigel Farage, a former European MP, which will be released from December 1st on the GB News. On the first excerpts unveiled, the man can not help but attack the behavior of the duchess of Sussex.

The Internet search engine Google presents a new year's review every year. On Friday (December 10) published the online giant 21 trends , which have made the past twelve months "especially" and 2021 "from different angles" illuminate. Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40) caused a trend term this year, which even writes history.

Das Harry-und-Meghan-Interview mit Oprah Winfrey sorgte im März für viel Gesprächsstoff. © Imago / Zuma Press The Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah Winfrey made a lot of conversation in March. Oprah conversation will be mostly sought interview, "betting that ..?" and "TV Total" Toppen TV Show List

The search volume of the words "Meghan and Harry Interview", which at the time of charisma of the Oprah-Winfrey interview of the couple met the conversation with the 67-year-old US Talkmaster in the world's most wanted interview in the history of Google Trends. The youngest son of Prince Charles (73) and Princess Diana (1961-1997) had catered for proper conversation together with his wife before a good nine months. The couple talked, among other things, about the burdened relationship with the British royal house.

distribution of browsers and operating systems in November 2021

 distribution of browsers and operating systems in November 2021 © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Statistics The new month has begun and as usual we throw a look at the current distribution of the browsers and operating systems on this occasion. However, who hopes to learn something new about the spread of Windows 11 in this context is disappointed.

in the list of TV shows in Germany who have done most, two returnees made two returnees on the ranks one and two: On the one of the Saturday evening classics "betting that ..?", Who once again again on 6th November With the moderators Thomas Gottschalk (71) and Michelle Hunziker (44) flicked over the screens. On the other hand, the iconic Late-Night Show "TV Total", which was not revived by Stefan Raab (55) as a moderator, in Sebastian Pufpaff (44) but has found a fun successor.

reinforced awareness of climate change and high donation readiness after flood catastrophe

A social trend is characterized in the search volume with regard to climate change. The question "What can you do against climate change?" 2021 was four times as often googled as before. A trigger of the high interest could be the World Climate Challenge of the United Nations in addition to new "Fridays for Future" protests, which met from October 31 to 12 November in Scottish Glasgow - and thus geographically closer to Germany than in some years ago.

Peng Shuai case: WTA hangs tournaments in China

 Peng Shuai case: WTA hangs tournaments in China "I do not see how I can ask our athletes to participate in tournaments when Peng Shuai is not allowed to communicate freely," writes the President of WTA Steve Simon in a statement. The President of the WTA Steve Simon announced Wednesday 1 December "The suspension of tournaments in China" because of the Peng Shuai case, according to a statement of the instance that manages the female tennis tour.

Another reason could have been the devastating flood catastrophe in July of the year, which crashed the west of Germany, but also parts of Belgium and the Netherlands into the chaos and was prominently favored by climate change. Violent heavy rain had ensured that rivers and streams became a tearing flood and numerous people into death. In the Google Trends 2021, the extent of the grief and compassion of Germans reflects in the form of the search term "donations".

Hamburg searched for sustainability topics, Frankfurt and Munich according to words with financial reference

interesting are also local differences within Germany with regard to a high search interest. The people in the big cities of Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich were therefore particularly strongly looking for thematically different topics. In the Elbe metropolis, the term "sustainability" stabbed, while the topics "save" and "inflation" were far from the front in the financial center am Main. The Bavarian state capital also sought particularly strongly according to a topic with financial reference: in no German city was more interested in the term "crypto currency".

Prince Charles: His godchild, India Hicks, reveals an incredible anecdote on his delivery .
© SGP / Bestimage Prince Charles: His godchild, India Hicks, reveals an incredible anecdote on his delivery on the occasion of the birthday of His daughter Domino, India Hicks, Prince Charles' goddaughter, shared a tender snapshot on Instagram and revealed a funny anecdote on her delivery. This is an unusual anecdote. India Hicks , Gandle and Germaine cousin of the Prince Charles , posted a photo on Instagram on the occasion of the fourteenth anniversary of his daughter Domino.

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