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US News: Val d'Isère: Merry Christmas, Pinturault Unhappy

Weapons, Family and Christmas Tree: The controversy photo of an American parliamentarian

 Weapons, Family and Christmas Tree: The controversy photo of an American parliamentarian © @REPTHOMASMASSY The photo of Thomas Massie with family is a plea for freedom to own firearms. Twitter / @ repthomasmassie Four days after the killing of Oxford high school, in Michigan, the photo shock. Saturday, a member of the US Congress posted on its social networks a "Christmas card" to the glory of weapons. Thomas Massie, Republican representative of Kentucky, puts in front of his Christmas tree with his wife Rhonda, their two sons, their two daughters, and the son-in-law of the eldest.

Ski alpin – Slalom de Val d’Isère (H) : Noël meilleur temps, Pinturault éliminé © Provided by Alpine Ski - Slalom de Val d'Isère (H): Christmas Best Time, Pinturault eliminated

Mixed Feelings for the France team The outcome of the first sleeve of the Slalom of Val d'Isere. Clement Christmas has certainly signed the best time, but Alexis Pinturault has been eliminated. Party with Bib 7, in very good conditions and in front of a fervent public, The Vosgien has signed a masterful handle, with a speed of incredible feet, especially on the end of the course where the stakes were very tightened. The end with twelve hundredths in advance on the Italian Alex Vinaatzer and 17 on the Norwegian Sebastian Foss-Solevaag, and close the departure gate of the second round, which will begin at 13:00. Another Frenchman finished in the top 10 and it's about Victor Muffat JeanDet, sixth to 53 hundredths of his compatriot, and who stays in the shot for a podium.

Christmas holidays: "50% more reservations than last year" for trains

 Christmas holidays: © Europe 1 Avoid crowded wagons during Christmas holidays while France crosses its fifth wave of coronavirus. This is the challenge this year again for the SNCF. Guest of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe morning Wednesday, Minister Delegate to Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebari explained that there will be enough trains and that the French have already reserved a lot.

stop for Pinturault

This will not be the case on the other hand for Alexis Pinturault. The winner of the big globe 2021, accustomed to "it goes or it breaks" when he disputes the Slalom of Val d'Isère (victory in 2012 and 2019, elimination in 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017), missed. Author of a first fault on the top of the course, the 30-year-old skier committed a big on the end, which forced him to spend a door upside down (it is authorized by the regulation) and finish without speed. with 2 "90 delay on Clement Christmas, it ends 40th and will not play the second round, reserved for the first 30. A stoppage while he had the opportunity to do a good operation in the general classification, The three skiers who precede it (Odermatt, Mayer, Kilde) being absent this Sunday.

Cultural War Christmas divided more than ever America

 Cultural War Christmas divided more than ever America family photos of Republicans brandishing weapons are the latest episode in a battle around the traditional values ​​of the Christian holiday © Twitter / RepThomasMassie representative Kentucky in the House, Thomas Massie, posing with his family and weapons for a Christmas photo.

disappointment and anger of Alexis Pinturault on the slalom, which counts 2.73 seconds late! #Quipeski Ofhtmd2lqs

- The chain The team (@lachainelequipe) disappointment and anger of Alexis Pinturault on the slalom, which counts 2.73 seconds late! #Lequipeski

- the chain the team (@lachainelequipe) December 12, 2021

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Isere VAL World Cup (France)

Ranking of the 1st Channel - Sunday 12 December 2021

Video: 24 Seconds - Obi TopPin (Dailymotion)

1- Clement Christmas (FRA) in 44 "51

2- Alex Vinatzer (ITA) to 0" 12


4- TANGUY NEF (SI) at 0" 41

5- Manual Feller (AUT) to 0 "46

6- Victor Muffat-JeanDet (FRA) at 0" 53

7- Kristoffer Jakobsen (Sue) at 0 "81

- Filip Zubcic (CRA) at 0" 81

9- Sandro Simonet (SUI) at 0 "98

10- Daniel Yule (SUI) at 1" 00

- Dave Ryding (USA) at 1 "00


Non-qualified for the second round: Alexis Pinturault (FRA), Theo Letitre (FRA ), Alexander Khoroshilov (Rus) ...

Abandonments: Luca Aerni (Sui ), Loïc Both (Sui), Steven Amiez (FRA) ...

Corona General Breuer sees the vaccination destination within reach .
30 million vaccinations wants to carry out the Federal Government by the end of the year. According to the director of the Corona Crisis Staff in the Chancellery, Carsten Breuer, this ambitious goal is achieved. © Nikolas Armer / DPA / Picture Alliance General Major Carsten Breuer: 30 million vaccinations by the end of the year are possible "We now have 24,418,540 people vaccinated and now just two weeks time.

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