US News: Household Policy: "Expression of Design Sawls"

Former US Presidential Candidate Bob Dole Died

 Former US Presidential Candidate Bob Dole Died Topeka. The longtime republican senator was considered a sharp speaker, but he enjoyed respect also with the Democrats. US President Biden is reminiscent of eye-catching the colleague. © Carolyn Kaster Bob Dole had announced in February 2021 that he suffered from lung cancer. The former Senator and US Presidential Candidate Bob Dole is dead. The Republican politician died in sleep on Sunday morning at the age of 98 years, his wife Elizabeth Dole participated in the social media.

The Cabinet has approved the supplementary budget of Finance Minister Lindner. 60 billion euros should be used for investment instead of pandemic fighting.

Geld für Klimaschutz und Digitalisierung - Kanzler Olaf Scholz (li.) und sein Finanzminister Christian Lindner © Tobias Black / DPA Money for Climate Protection and Digitalization - Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Li.) And his Minister of Finance Christian Lindner "Expression of Design Sawls"

The Federal Cabinet decided on Monday the draft for a second follow-up budget 2021. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) said, "This is a signal of our ability to act, and it's expression of creative will." Specifically, it is about to use unused credit appropriations of 60 billion euros, which were intended for pandemics control instead, instead for climate protection and investment in the transformation of the economy. For this, the funds are shifted in the energy and climate funds to be expanded to an "climate and transform fund".

Macron, Future President of the European Union ... in the campaign for the French Presidency

 Macron, Future President of the European Union ... in the campaign for the French Presidency © Copyright 2021, Obs He first talked about Europe and nothing but from Europe. An hour during. The time of a layout in which the Head of State has exposed his vision of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFEU) which will begin on January 1, for a period of six months.

On this procedure, SPD, GREEN and FDP had agreed in the coalition negotiations. In the conversations, especially the FDP had the fact that the debt brake of 2023 had to be observed again. SPD and Greens, in turn, had great emphasis that the new government should invest massively in climate protection and digitization. With the budgetary budding, to be rejected unused loans and to use in the coming years for investment, the coalitioners now provide a finance pad beyond the debt brake. Because of the emergency situation through the Corona crisis, 2021 and 2022 again reaches the exception branch from the debt brake before re-debting 2023 should be returned.

Lindner stressed that the planned net borrowing of 240 billion euros will not be exceeded. "No new debts are added, that's important to me." However, he did not do that that the government could alternatively have to give up the unused loans - which reduced the new debt.

SPD chooses Saskia Esken and Lars Klingbope to new party feet

 SPD chooses Saskia Esken and Lars Klingbope to new party feet The SPD sorts its guidance wars New: In the future, Saskia Esken will work together with the previous Secretary-General Lars Klingbope at the top - the party congress in Berlin chose the two with very different results. © Florian Gaertner / Photothek / Imago A few days after the election of OLAF Scholz To the Federal Chancellor, the Chancellor's party has rebuilt and Saskia esken and Lars Klingbeil elected to their new chairmen. Esken was unlike its previous co-chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans .

criticism from the Federal Rights Office

Wirtschafts- und Klimmaminister Robert Habeck (Greens) praised: "We can praise investment with the funds in which economic recovery and climate protection go hand in hand." Criticism, however, came from the Federal Court of Audit. His President Kay Scheller said the SZ: "Loan authorizations apply only to the current year for which they are needed." If they were used for future financial years, contradict the principles of "annuality, budgetary clarity and truth". Also Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said: "Shadow households are reason for worry."

Lindner justified the procedure that necessary investments would be financed, which had failed because of the pandemic. Among other things, the "entry into the hydrogen economy" should be made possible. At the same time, he expressed the expectation "that possibly even less loans must be recorded than originally planned". Court of Auditors President Scheller seems clearly convincing. The necessary connection of the supplementary budget to the emergency situation of the Corona pandemic is not apparent. On Thursday, the Bundestag advises on the supplementary budget.

Managing Director of the Eisbären Berlin: Thomas Bothstede experienced a year of extreme emotions .
In summer, Thomas Bothstede followed at the Eisbären Berlin on Peter John Lee. The start of the start in pandemeal times could hardly have little. © Photo: Imago Images / Matthias Koch In September, Thomas Bothstede voted as Managing Director at the Seasonal Opening Press Conference. Thomas Bothstede has chosen the meeting room of the Eisbären Berlin in the office as a place for the conversation.

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