US News: Coronavirus: The recommendations to go to the end of year holidays in all serenity

Christmas holidays: "50% more reservations than last year" for trains

 Christmas holidays: © Europe 1 Avoid crowded wagons during Christmas holidays while France crosses its fifth wave of coronavirus. This is the challenge this year again for the SNCF. Guest of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe morning Wednesday, Minister Delegate to Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebari explained that there will be enough trains and that the French have already reserved a lot.

The Ministry of Health has published the opinion of the Scientific Council concerning the best attitude to adopt for the Christmas and New Year's Day

Reflexes - The Ministry of Health published the opinion of the Scientific Council concerning the best attitude to adopt for Christmas and New Year's Day

in a dozen of Days, the French will meet with family for Christmas and with friends for the New Year (or the opposite, or both). On this occasion, a small booster stitch (in addition to the vaccine) is needed. In its opinion dating from December 8, , the Scientific Council established a series of preventive measures to combat the rapid expansion of the variant Omicron and avoid a new wave of coronavirus contaminations .

Coronavirus: The point on the pandemic in the world

 Coronavirus: The point on the pandemic in the world © AFP N Oums Measures, new balance sheets and highlights: one point on the latest evolutions of the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world. No forced vaccination, insists the UN The immunization obligation must always respect human rights and forced vaccination is never acceptable, warned Wednesday the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the ' UN .

If many recommendations are the responsibility of the government and institutions, a paragraph is specifically addressed to citizens. Indeed, the Commission notes that it is "at the occasion of private meetings" that "the individual protection measures are less well respected". He lists the good reflexes to adopt to limit contamination.

test, ventilate and limit the number of guests

"For family meetings of type Christmas meal , it is recommended to limit the number of participants, to ensure that fragile people have received their dose of Reminder, regularly ventilates the premises at least ten minutes every hour, "indicate the experts. The communiqué also recalls the importance of washing hands and those who receive guests, disinfect the surfaces with which they could come into contact.

direct. COVID-19: The White Plan "No doubt national" in a few days, according to Olivier Véran

 direct. COVID-19: The White Plan © Reuters The white plan is engaged in six regions. The white plan, deployed in six regions since Wednesday, December 8, will be "no doubt national" by a few days, provides for the Minister of Health Olivier Véran this Thursday, December 9th. Pharmacies will be able to open Sundays to vaccinate more. Follow our live from Thursday, December 9 devoted to CVIV-19 news. Pharmacies will open Sunday to vaccinate.

It is also advisable to practice an self-test the same day or an antigenic test the day before or the day of the family meeting. "The self-test can be a useful side solution: it makes it possible to know if we are contagious, and must therefore be achieved the day even if we plan to go to a private event where the barrier measures will not be strictly respected" , specifies the opinion.

"It is essential not to expose yourself to other people if you are symptomatic, and to be tested quickly," concludes the board for whom there is no miracle solution "but rather the Addition of several measures having for each of them a limited impact, but which becomes important when combined ".

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The tribute of Elizabeth II at his regretted husband Philip for the holidays .
The Queen is aimed at the British in his traditional Christmas message that makes this year tribute to his regretted husband, Prince Philip. Every year at the same time, the British gather in front of their television post to discover the traditional Queen Elizabeth II Christmas speech.

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