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US News: So Watzke wants to polish the German football

meeting with Polish President Duda

 meeting with Polish President Duda Warsaw. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock was received on Friday from Andrzej Duda in the presidential palace in Warsaw. Afterwards, a conversation with the Polish office colleague should follow Zbigniew rough. © Kay Nietfeld Annalena Baerbock, Foreign Minister and Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens is received by Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland.

BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke is also going to head in his role as DFL Supervisory Board Chairman with a clear edge. The 62-year-old wants to bring the German football "again to rays".

So will Watzke den deutschen Fußball aufpolieren © Provided by So Watzke Implement the German football

about three and a half hours have met the club bosses of the 1st Bundesliga and 2nd League on Tuesday afternoon at the Sheralanton Hotel at Frankfurt Airport and far-reaching decisions.

One of them: Hans-Joachim Watzke is from 11 February 2022 Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the DFL GmbH and first deputy speakers of the Presidium of the DFL E.V. It follows on Peter Peters, who will run as DFB president in the coming year for the Office.

Schindler has picked up two years - "Little milestone"

 Schindler has picked up two years - The German World Cup participant Martin Schindler holds his Darts lull for finished. © Daniel Bockwoldt / DPA Martin Schindler meets at the World Cup in the first round on the German debutant Florian Hempel. "I am pleased to be back at the World Cup, that's a small milestone for me. I now picked up two messaging years. Now I'm full again, "said the 25-year-old Strausberger of the German Press Agency.

Steelwork double pass on the Sunday from 11 o'clock live on TV and in the stream on Sport1 Watzke clear: "Football bring back to the rays"

"I have successfully resisted such a office for 17 years. Now the responsible persons have caught me at a weak point. It was correct a secret choice. Of 34 clubs have approved 32. These are around 94 program - a very good result, "Watzke said with a view to his new role.

he wool not only the future DFL managing director Donata Hops, which Christian Seifert will be bunched after 17 years of activities, strengthen the back and standing with advice, but as a whole "bring to rays to rays". (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

Berlin wants sanctions against the Serbian leader of Bosnia Dodik

 Berlin wants sanctions against the Serbian leader of Bosnia Dodik EU-Bosnia / Germany (photo): Berlin wants sanctions against the Serbian leader of Bosnia Dodik Brussels, 13 December (Reuters) - The new German government asked Monday At the European Union to inflict sanctions to the Serbian leader of Bosnia Milorad Dodik, who militates for a break between the autonomous Serb Republic he leads and the Bosnian federal institutions.

A polish in a difficult time, which started in March 2020 with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and caused for deep cuts in all areas.

Fix: New job for BVB-Boss Watzke

 Fix: New job for BVB-Boss Watzke Hans-Joachim Watzke has been conducting the skills at BVB for years. In the future, he will also mix at the DFL at the front. © Provided by Fix: New job for BVB-Boss Watzke Borussia Dortmund's Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke becomes a new Supervisory Board Chairman of the German Football League (DFL). This decided the 36 first and second divisions on their general meeting on Tuesday.

"This has changed a lot in society. The football has to face these discussions again and again, "said Watzke and pointed out that in the future, the topic of sustainability in the licensing order also influences.

Video: Seoane annoys: defeat was not necessary (glomex)

In the 2022/23 season starts a pilot phase, adjustments are gradually made. Ecological, economic and social sustainability are the three pillars, from the season 2023/24, it will come in case of violations of first editions and sanctions. (Data: Results and Schedule of the Bundesliga)

Draisaitl praises junior work in the German ice hockey

 Draisaitl praises junior work in the German ice hockey Superstar Leon Draisaitl praised the junior work in German ice hockey. © Provided by Draisaitl praises junior work in the German ice hockey Superstar Leon Draisaitl praised the junior work in German ice hockey. You'll be better to give you "young players, to give you more ice age," said the NHL professional of the Edmonton Oilers in the interview with the magazine Sports Illustrated: "That's very important, otherwise we have no other than Germany in this sport Chance.

more self-confidence, become more combative!

Watzke, however, not only wants internally, but also external positioning after two years in the pandemic again stronger:

"We were well equipped with a lot of humility and have followed the primacy of politics. But now, as clubs, we may have more self-confidence and become more combative. "Subject matters the" broad social dialogue ", which brings the football - so stressed Watzke again -" to ray ".

thousands of polish scroll to save the independence of the media

 thousands of polish scroll to save the independence of the media © Agencja via Reuters - Slawomir Kaminski it's dark and cold in Warsaw and yet thousands of Polish demonstrated on 19 December, against the law Adopted by Parliament which aims for the TVN24 channel. Thousands of people scrolled in the streets of Warsaw and in more than 120 cities in Poland Sunday, December 19th.

The view of the BVB managing director is also aimed at the German national team: "We can put a spout here. So I mean not only the sporting development, but the entire occurrence. "

The currently tense ratio between DFL and DFB" I do not want to judge from the outside yet. It's about finding and verifying the causes of the problems. This can only happen when I'm here. "

All video highlights of the Bundesliga always from Monday, 0 o'clock in the Sport1 media library and in the Sport1 app no 50 + 1 with Watzke:" I'm conviction "

An issue also remains untouched. On demand from Sport1, whether his position could change to the 50 + 1 rule in a new role, he smashed: "At 50 + 1 I am conviction! I told all clubs before choosing that I will handle this in the future as well. "

Watzke had said at the topic of Sky on the subject of 50 + 1:" 50 + 1 protects German football before that here is the worst excesses here Come and that people take over the club that do not disturb human rights that do not bother at all. "

The result confirmed him. Instead, Watzke demanded a close cooperation: "Before us, tasks that we can only tackle together." So that German football can radiate again in the future. (Data: The Table of the Bundesliga)

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