US News: Long detention for journalist in Vietnam

Murder of Khashoggi: Uncertainty on the identity of the suspect stopped at Roissy

 Murder of Khashoggi: Uncertainty on the identity of the suspect stopped at Roissy © Johnny Green Jamal Khashoggi, December 6, 2004. The Jamal Khashoggi case rebounded in France. Three years after the assassination of Saudi journalist in Istanbul, a man was arrested on Tuesday morning at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle's Parisian airport as he was about to take a flight to Riyadh. Aged 33, the individual, who presented a passport on behalf of Khalid Alotaibi, was in the judicial detention.

She wrote about delicate topics - tricky from the view of the rulers. It was about land rights, women rights and the right to sexual self-determination.

Vietnams Journalisten haben kaum Bewegungsfreiheit - wie hier 2019 vor der nordkoreanischen Botschaft in Hanoi © Ye Aung Thu / AFP / Getty Images Vietnam's journalists have little freedom of movement - as here in 2019 in front of the North Korean Embassy in Hanoi

the prominent human rights activist and journalist Pham Doan Trang has been sentenced to nine years in prison in Vietnam. The 43-year-old was guilty of "propaganda against the state" guilty of how several human rights groups report. Trang was arrested in October 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City - the former Saigon - and brought to the capital Hanoi. For more than a year she sat in individuals.

GZSZ preview: Gerners and Yvonnes worst nightmare will be true!

 GZSZ preview: Gerners and Yvonnes worst nightmare will be true! For some time now, "GZSZ" has two events for discomfort in the house Gerner / Bode. To threatens Joachims (Wolfgang Bahro) soon detention, on the other, Yvonnes (Gisa Zach) is weaker from day to day. As episode 7407, the two still want to enjoy a little rest before Jo must go to jail. © RTL / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ preview: Gerners and Yvonnes worst nightmare is true! for this drive with a caravan to a lake - all alone, only the two.

Amnesty International stated that it was outrageous that the Vietnamese judiciary "this courageous journalist and human rights defendant" have convicted of their commitment. For years, tramp has been fighting for a "just, integrative and rule of law Vietnam," said the Amnesty Vice Chief for campaigns, Ming Yu Hah. Still on Monday, Human Rights Watch had asked to drop all charges against the activist and to return their freedom.

of reporters without limits Excellent

Trang has written several books on the rights of women and sexual minorities. In her blogs and articles she writes about politics and social justice. The journalist is the founder of the online magazine "Luat Khoa" and editor at the online magazine "Thevietnamese". For her work she received the "Press Freedom Award" by reporter without limits .

Russia: Arrest of a Russian-American businessman for Fraud

 Russia: Arrest of a Russian-American businessman for Fraud © YouTube screenshot Russian-American businessman August Meyer. A rich Russian-American businessman, owner of a popular cosmetics store chain, was arrested on Thursday, December 9 in St. Petersburg. August Meyer is suspected of a fraud of nearly 30 million euros and has been placed in pre-trial detention, as well as his Russian wife.

2019 erhielt Pham Doan Trang den © Stauffenberg / Eventpress / Picture Alliance 2019 Received Pham Doan Trang The

In January 2020, Trang had voiced a highly sensitive conflict, in whose course three policemen and a village head of death had come to death. It was about the construction of a military airport on farmland, which claim the villagers on the outskirts of Hanoi. Two more activists who had engaged in the case are also in court.

Rank 175 of 180

For a long time, human rights activists have become an increasingly tougher approach of the Communist Guide to Critical Activists, Artists, Bloggers and Environmentalists. With at least 23 detained media, Vietnam, according to the New York committee, counts the protection of journalists to the countries where most reporters are behind bars. On the ranking of the global freedom of the press of reporters without borders, Vietnam is in 175 from 180 states.


Claude Gueant will spend the holidays in prison: his request for release examined on 19 January .
© Stephane de Sakutin / AFP on this archive photo taken on October 18, 2021, the former Minister of the Interior Claude Guéant arrives for his trial in the case nicknamed "Surveys of the Elysee" at the Paris Palace of Paris. Claude Gueant was incarcerated on December 13, 2021.

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