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US News: murder plans against Michael Kretschmer: Police also find crossbeams

Lead 1-Khashoggi-The Decree Island is not bound to the murder, says the Saudi Embassy

 Lead 1-Khashoggi-The Decree Island is not bound to the murder, says the Saudi Embassy Arabia Saudi-Khashoggi / France (Lead 1): Lead 1-Khashoggi-The Decree is not bound At the murder, said the Saudi Embassy (updated) December 7 (Reuters) - the information referred to Tuesday of the arrest in France of a man linked to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi are "inaccurate", declared the 'Saudi Arabia Embassy in Paris, which requested its immediate release. "The citizen in question that has been arrested has no connection with the case," she said in a statement.

at the raid for murder plans against Prime Minister Kretschmer were found among other cross breasts. Saxony Interior Minister speaks of a success of the authorities: "The constitutional state is capable of action."

  Mordpläne gegen Michael Kretschmer: Polizei findet auch Armbrüste © Matthias Rietschel / Reuters

Saxony Police have confiscated several weapons in the Raids Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer for murder plans against Saxony . Whether these weapons, including crossbeams, are stirling and considered so-called sharp weapons, will now be tested, a spokesman of the state criminal steam Saxony said on Thursday in a video at Twitter .

Currently, the officials searched five objects in Dresden and one in Heidenau . According to the police, six people who have forged in a telegram chat plans for a murder of Kretschmer and other politicians should apply according to the police.

accused of killing his wife in the street in Besançon, an Afghan judged

 accused of killing his wife in the street in Besançon, an Afghan judged to © WEST FRANCE An Afghan foundation appears before Doubs Assize Court for the murder of his wife in 2018. The trial of an Afghan accused of fatally stabbing his wife in the street in Besançon, in October 2018, opened Wednesday, December 8, 2021 before the Assize court of the Doubs.

Saxony's Interior Minister Roland Wöller has considered the searches as a success. The use of SOKO Rex »is a clear signal: the constitutional state is capable of action," said the CDU politician. Closed chat groups are not an anonymous space for the preparation of crimes and did not protect against law enforcement. "I am very pleased that the state criminal office has come to the perpetrators of the Telegram Chat Group" Dresden Offline Networking ", although the group was already deleted," he said.

»Telegram must not be a non-legal room where violent right-wing extremists can commit unjustified offenses." The searches were 140 officials involved.

In the Messenger service, a report by the ZDF magazine frontal had already appeared from a week of murder threats against Kretschmer. Among other things, these should be related to the discussion about a corona vaccination. A chat member should have said in an audio message, it was armed and have ammunition ready. The LKA Saxony had announced on Wednesday morning via Twitter to browse several objects. An initial suspected confirmed.

In recent days, several politicians had warned a danger of telegram. The new Federal Minister of Nancy Nancy Faeser last announced a sharper transpiration against illegal content in the Messenger service. "Against hazard, violence and hatred in the net, we have to proceed more determined," Faester said.

Netherlands: Police reinforces protection for Health Minister Hugo de Jonge .
The residential address of the Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge has been spread by opponents of Corona Mask for several weeks. Now a mobile police post is available before the Minister's private house. © Via / Imago Images / Anp Due to the tense Corona situation, the Dutch police reinforced the protective measures for Health Minister Hugo de Jonge.

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