US News: United States: Biden name Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the Assassinated President, Ambassador in Australia

Video Summit: Biden threatens Putin in Ukraine crisis with consequences

 Video Summit: Biden threatens Putin in Ukraine crisis with consequences US President Joe Biden has threatened with the Video Summit with its Russian colleague Vladimir Putin according to the White House in the event of an escalation in Ukraine conflict with consequences. The white house shared after the good two-hour conversation on Tuesday, Biden expressed "the deep concern of the United States and our European allies" about the crisis.

Archives. Avant d'occuper ce nouveau poste a responsabilité, Caroline Kennedy, avait déjà été ambassadrice américaine au Japon. U.S. Navy/ Samuel Lee Pederson/ REUTERS. © US Navy Archives. Before we hold this new position, Caroline Kennedy, had already been American ambassador in Japan. U.s. Navy / Samuel Lee Pederson / Reuters. This is a nomination that does not go unnoticed. US President Joe Biden chose Caroline Kennedy, the last child still alive from the murdered president John F. Kennedy , as the US ambassador in Australia, announced the White House in a statement Wednesday. This former American ambassador in Japan under the chairmanship of Barack Obama still has to see his appointment confirmed by the Senate. For a long time, the announcement comes nearly a year after the start of Joe Biden's presidency, while Senators Republicans delay most confirmations to key diplomatic posts. In Canberra, it will have the task of strengthening the common front between the United States and Australia on on the bottom of tensions with China in the Indo-Pacific . 64, Caroline Kennedy is the only child still alive from "JFK" and Jackie Kennedy. In 1999, his brother John Kennedy Junior lost her life during the crash at the little plane he piloted. A tragic death - like so many members of the clan -, to the point of speaking of Kennedy's curse. The ambassador appears in a famous picture where, still child, she had hidden under the mythical resolute desk at the White House, during the presidency of her father. She has resisted for several decades to calls within the Democratic Party who wanted to see her engage in politics, preferring a life turned to writing. Then Caroline Kennedy returned to the front of the stage during the 2008 presidential campaign, as fervent support from the candidate Barack Obama, describing the latter as an inspiring person who reminded him of his father. Investigative documents on the assassination of his declassified father The US government also has, on Wednesday, made public thousands of FBI and CIA documents related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, Who continues to fuel the theories of the plot despite the official conclusion that the president was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Declassified reporters show that investigators have multiplied the slopes, Soviet intelligence services to communist groups in Africa to the Italian Mafia, to determine whether Oswald had benefited from complicity in this murder committed on November 22, 1963 in Dallas. Texas, and who caused a shock all over the world. In particular, they show that the United States has intensified their espionage and influence on the Cuban regime of Fidel Castro, with whom Oswald had contacts and that the Kennedy government wanted to reverse. The 1,491 documents were disseminated on the website of the National Archives, which already contains tens of thousands of files related to Kennedy's death and the survey that followed. The assassination gave rise to many compotential theories, fueled by hundreds of books and films like Oliver Stone "JFK" (1991). They refute the conclusions of the Commission of Inquiry called "Warren Commission" which had determined in 1964 that Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine Commando who lived in the Soviet Union, had acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy. The White House is now under pressure to make other documents public before December 15, 2022, unless it has reasons to keep them in secrecy. Philip Shenon, Kennedy's assassination specialist, said Wednesday in Politico magazine that some documents would never be published for security reasons, and that it would continue to feed the compotive theses. According to him, 15,000 documents remain incommunicado, most of the CIA and FBI.

United States: Biden promises to represent 2024 If Trump is candidate .
© Brendan Smialowski AFP The US President Joe Biden said he would determine to represent himself in 2024 if Donald Trump was a candidate. President Joe Biden, 79, stated in an interview at the ABC channel, broadcast Wednesday, December 22, which would be even more determined to represent if Donald Trump was a candidate for the presidential election of 2024. " It would increase the chances that I present myself ".

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