US News: Harry Styles gets millions offered for private New Year's Eve concert

"I do not hide my immense sentence": Pascal Obispo pays tribute to a deceased fan of which he was close to

 © Sadaka Edmond / Sipa "I do not hide my immense sentence": Pascal obispo pays tribute to a fan Deceased he was close to on his Instagram account, on Monday, December 13, Pascal Obispo made a movable tribute to one of his deceased fans prematurely. On October 29, Pascal Obispo came out his last opus, France. In order to carry the clip of the first extract from this album to say that we are alone , the singer opted for actress Alexandra Lamy .

has gotten singer and actor Harry Styles (27) to the end of the year, that he can not reject? That's what "The Sun" wants to have experienced . According to a report of British gossip newspaper, styles were offered for a short appearance at a private New Year's Eve party a gage of one million British pounds (around 1.17 million euros).

Der Brite Harry Styles ist auch in den USA ein Superstar. © Image Press Agency / The British Harry Styles is also a superstar in the USA.

will take place the party in a luxury hotel on the coast of Miami in the US state of Florida. Hosts is therefore an indispensable banker, who should have in view of the world star this princely amount. What the styles have to do for it? Only "sing a few songs", as "The Sun" quotes a supposed source from its environment. According to the same person, "Harry His luck (...) could hardly believe."

"Playground" of the AntiVax, the Telegram Messaging in the viewfinder of the German authorities

 © LP / Arnaud Journals in Germany, the law obliging social networks with at least two million users to fight against criminal content, Does not apply to encrypted messaging such as Telegram. LP / Arnaud Journals of false sanitary passes, testimonials from controversial doctors and even the addresses of mandatory vaccination members ... Here is an example of shared content in the German antivax groups via the Telegram application.

he sings - he does not sings

, however, according to the report, another insider said that the Star does not intend to give the private miniconzert to New Eve. Styles can certainly not depend on the stately sub-bread. In Miami, he will be like or so at the end of the year. How, among other things, "people" reported around a week ago , Styles occurs as a headlink of the free beach bash concert. This rises on December 30 at Lummus Park, a public city park in Miami. Maybe styles is still weak and only a short, private and lucrative New Year's Eve addition is dragging only one day later.

Coronavirus in Île-de-France: Facing Tsunami Covid-19, the Paris Police Prefecture takes measures for New Year's Eve .
to limit the propagation of the virus in this period of end of the end. Year, the Paris police prefecture announces new St. Sylvestre measures - to limit the spread of the virus in this period of end of the year, the Paris police prefecture announces new measures the Covid-19 continues to sweep on Île-de-France . With an incidence rate that exceeds the 2,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at Paris and 1.294 on the rest of the region, the situation seems to be uncontrollable.

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