US News: Omicron in the United States: "We are ready," says Joe Biden

direct. COVID-19: "We must prepare" against Omicron, warns Prime Minister Jean Castex

 direct. COVID-19: © Christophe Simon / AFP Prime Minister Jean Castex visits Marseille in a vaccination center on December 13. The Prime Minister warned, this Tuesday, December 14th: it is necessary to prepare against the Omicron Variant even if the restrictions are not going to evolve by Christmas. A notice is expected Thursday on the vaccination of children. In the United Kingdom, Omicron is there and made its first death while the country accelerates on recall doses.

Le président américain Joe Biden s'exprimant depuis la Maison Blanche à Washington, le 21 décembre 2021. © - Patrick Semansky The American President Joe Biden speaking from the White House in Washington, on December 21, 2021.

While the number of COVID-19 case is rising sharply and that the Omicron variant is now dominant in the United States, Joe Biden has adopted a reassuring tone on Tuesday, December 21 and announced new ways for testing, vaccination and hospital system. The American President also addresses those who are still not vaccinated, often for political reasons.

with our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

Vaccination is a "patriotic duty". In addition to announcing military means to support the hospital system and production requisitions for 500 million self-tests, Joe Biden addressed directly to the other America, the one that disputes his legitimacy. The one who supports Donald Trump, that for once, the President took an example to promote the recall of the VVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19. The peak of the fifth wave seems reached in France, according to Olivier Véran

 COVID-19. The peak of the fifth wave seems reached in France, according to Olivier Véran © Franck Dubray / West-France A woman is tested at Covid-19 in a pharmacy, in Nantes, December 1, 2021. The Minister of the Olivier Véran said Tuesday, December 14th, before the National Assembly, that the peak of the fifth vague seemed reached in France. The number of cases identified on a daily basis always increases, but at a speed is less and less fast. "It seems that we have reached an epidemic spike in our country" , said Tuesday Olivier Véran to the National Assembly.

"I had my third dose as soon as I was able and just the other day, the former president received his. This is perhaps one of the few things on which he and I agree. Those who have their reminder are very protected. Join them, join us. »

Tribute to Trump and Attack against

Video Disinformation: Faced with Winter and Omicron Variant, Joe Biden Launches Sanitary Offensive (Le Figaro)

Joe Biden even went further By paying tribute to the instinct of his predecessor to start searching for vaccines: "Thanks to the previous administration and to our scientific community, America was one of the first countries to have the vaccine.

But the opposition is frontal. Many Republicans have attacked the vaccine obligation for large companies to the country, because in the country that is that of freedom, it goes wrong. "I know that mandatory vaccines are not popular, but I put them in place, not to control your life, but to save it and also those of others," said Joe Biden. This call to the other Camp

Joe Biden in Kentucky, struck by devastating tornadoes

 Joe Biden in Kentucky, struck by devastating tornadoes The President of the United States is in Kentucky to support this state that has just experienced devastating and murderer tornadoes. © Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein Joe Biden arrived Wednesday in Kentucky carrying a gathering and mobilization message for this rural and conservative state, which has just undergo devastating storms .

is a bit of a bottle at the sea. Whenever he mentioned his own vaccination, Donald Trump was whistled by his audience. Joe Biden lamented the effects of "disinformation on television and social networks". According to him, he is "immoral" that companies enhance profits by allowing the dissemination of lies "who can kill their own customers". "We are ready" During its television speech, the Democratic President has discussed at length the new Omicron

variant, which became majority in the United States (73.2% of new contaminations last week). "We must all worry about Omicron" but "we do not have to panic," said Joe Biden, adding that the country is "no longer in March 2020", when the COVID-19 swept on the American soil and SEMA Death and panic. "We are ready," Harded the head of state. The White House detailed this end-of-year health strategy: tests, enhanced and additional vaccination capacities for hospitals, but no new restrictions before Christmas. No confinement is considered necessary. The authorities will distribute for free 500 million tests, while

long waiting lines stretched

at the beginning of the week in front of the test centers. The United States will also mobilize a thousand doctors, nurses and medical staff members. Joe Biden entrusted that he plans to lift travel restrictions for eight African countries, the Omicron variant now spread throughout the world. "I know you are tired. [...] And I know you are frustrated. We all want it to be over, but we are still in line with, "he reminded his fellow citizens.

COVID-19. The Omicron Omicron now majority in France, with more than 60% of the tests riddled .
© David Ademas / West-France 60% of the tests riddled in France have a profile compatible with OICKON. Here a queue in a pharmacy in Rennes during the end of year holidays. Two-thirds of the tests screened in France last week have a profile compatible with the Omicron variant, which as expected, is now majority in the country.

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