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US News: Death of Pierre CASSIGNARD: CultureBox upsets its programming to pay tribute to actor

"Log4j": Several federal authorities affected by a serious IT vulnerability

 According to the information of the "Mirror" , several places in the federal government are also affected by the serious vulnerability in the Log4j logging library of the Java programming language. "For a weakness with this distribution, the Federal Administration is also affected," said the report, according to the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI). The authority is known to individual vulnerable systems and already appropriate protective measures are initiated.

Mort de Pierre Cassignard : Culturebox bouleverse sa programmation pour rendre hommage à l'acteur © SYSPEO / SIPA Death of Pierre CASSIGNARD: CultureBox upsets its programming to pay tribute to actor The comedian Pierre CASSIGNARD died on December 20th , in the aftermath of his 56th anniversary. The CultureBox chain, channel 14 of TNT, will pay tribute on December 24 by broadcasting the room a great cry of love, in which it shared the poster with Michèle Bernier.

Prolific comedian, Pierre CASSIGNARD has turned out Monday, December 20, , which had just celebrated his 56th anniversary. A very sad news announced by his accomplice at the theater, Michèle Bernier : " Hi my pierrot of love ... I miss you already so much. I will always love you ... Huge friend ... " said earlier this week on Instagram The actress, very tested by this disappearance. Face well-known viewers, Pierre CASSIGNARD had played in many series and telefilms ( Cain , Search section , Josephine Guardian Angel , The law of Pauline ) But it was also a great theater comedian . In 1997, he had won the Molière of the comedian for the double role he played in Venetian twins , a piece of Carlo Godoni. It was also seen on the planks alongside Célery Clementine, Philippe Caroit, Jean-Baptiste Maunier or Sandrine Kiberlain ...

Pay inflation, energy check: "It feels good, but it's dressings," the Abbé Pierre Foundation

 Pay inflation, energy check: Delegate General of the association called on the government and the presidential candidates to overcome the difficulties "structural" the French, as building insulation or rents. © Provided by USAinformations Christophe Robert, CEO of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, welcomed Monday, December 13 inflation compensation of 100 euros for to 38 million French who earn less than 2,000 euros a month. It aims to help low-income households cope with rising prices.

CultureBox pays tribute to Pierre Cassignard on December 24th by broadcasting A great cry of love

Four days after the disappearance of the comedian, the CultureBox chain, channel 14 of the TNT, pays tribute by proposing from 21:05 on December 24 the piece a great cry of love. Pierre CASSIGNARD shared the poster of this piece signed Josiane Balasko with her friend Michèle Bernier. The latter has also reacted on Twitter to this tribute programming, screaming once again the affection it bore to the disappeared actor: " Thank you for this tribute indispensable to this great and wonderful actor. He was also a man Exceptional . "

???? @ftvculturebox upsets her programming in tribute to Pierre Cassignard, died on 21/12

surf. Nazaré Challenge: La Française Justine Dupont Sacred Better Surfer

 surf. Nazaré Challenge: La Française Justine Dupont Sacred Better Surfer © AFP Justine Dupont on the spot of Nazaré, Portugal, December 11, 2021. Justine Dupont won the trophy of the best surfer at the Nazaré Challenge, Monday, December 13th . A second consecutive title for the French in this event, which had already been sacred in 2020. Justine Dupont is at ease on the Spot of Nazaré (Portugal). sacred better surfer during the latest edition of the Nazaré Challenge, in February 2020, the French again obtained this reward , Monday 13 December.

???? Friday 24/12 to 21.05

???? "A great cry of love", part created by Josiane Balasko and interpreted by @Bernier_Michele and Pierre CASSIGNARD

???? The initial programming is offset

- CultureBox Pro (@cultureboxp) December 22, 2021

A great cry of love tells the story of Hugo (Pierre Cassignard), a comedian planted at last moment by his partner in a play. To replace it, he has the displeasure of seeing Gigi Ortega (Michèle Bernier), an eccentric character and Has-Been. And especially a woman with whom he experienced a story before separating with loss and crash ...

French Presidency of the EU: which brings together and what separates Macron in 2022 from Sarkozy in 2008 .
© SIPA Guillaume Klossa, founder of Europanova and former counselor of Jean-Pierre Jouyet when he was Minister of European Affairs At the previous French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFEU), compares the European action of Emmanuel Macron and Nicolas Sarkozy.

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