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US: nearly $ 9 billion to reduce Inequality

 US: nearly $ 9 billion to reduce Inequality © Mandel Ngan AFP The Biden Administration has announced that it would invest nearly $ 9 billion to promote loans to companies belonging to people from minorities. The US administration will invest nearly $ 9 billion to promote loans to businesses owned by people from minorities. They were the hardestly affected by the CVIV-19 crisis. with our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin the US Secretary to the Treasury, Janet Yellen, acknowledges it itself: $ 8.7 million, it's insufficient to

Joe Biden, le président des États-Unis, le 15 octobre 2021. © Leah Millis / Reuters Joe Biden, the President of the United States, October 15, 2021.

Products manufactured in China via the forced labor of the Muslim minority Ughura will not be able to enter the United States soon. This is the meaning of a law signed this Thursday, December 23, 2021 by Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden signed this Thursday, 23 December 2021 A law prohibiting the United States with a wide range of products manufactured in the Chinese Xinjiang province in order to fight against forced labor From the βghoure minority .

A first in the world

The promulgated text provides for the banish of products manufactured in whole or in part in Xinjiang, unless companies are able to prove to customs that products have not been manufactured with forced labor. This is the first time a country takes such a measure.

Joe Biden in Kentucky, struck by devastating tornadoes

 Joe Biden in Kentucky, struck by devastating tornadoes The President of the United States is in Kentucky to support this state that has just experienced devastating and murderer tornadoes. © Reuters / Evelyn Hockstein Joe Biden arrived Wednesday in Kentucky carrying a gathering and mobilization message for this rural and conservative state, which has just undergo devastating storms .

The White House specifies that in parallel, the text signed "imposes sanctions on foreign individuals responsible for forced labor in the region" .

"Preventing entry into the territory of products made with forced labor"

This law gives the Government "new tools to prevent entry into the territory of products made with forced labor in Xinjiang and keep people responsible for people And entities behind these abuses ", said Thursday the Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a statement, calling the Chinese government to put an end to the Genocide and Crimes against Humanity" .

The adoption of the text, voted unanimously by the Senate on 16 December, is a victory for supporters of an aggressive policy to combat the violation of human rights.

United States: When visiting Kentucky, Biden promises all-round solidarity

 United States: When visiting Kentucky, Biden promises all-round solidarity © Getty Images via AFP - Scott Olson US President Joe Biden and Governor of Kentucky Andy Beshear, December 15, 2021 in Dawson Springs, Kentucky . US President Joe Biden was Wednesday, December 15th visiting Kentucky, one of the most bruised states by the tornadoes who hit the US center a few days ago. Throughout his career, the President promised that the federal state will be alongside victims.

A measure adopted despite some

lobbies This vote has intervened despite the corporate lobbying campaign that argued that this legislation would disrupt global supply chains, already under pressure because of the pandemic.

By signing the text, says the White House, President Biden thanked the Republican Senator of Florida Marco Rubio, one of the authors of the bill.

This measure is

"the most important and effective taken so far to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for its use of forced labor" , he reacted in a statement.

Beijing is accused by Western countries of heaviness heaviness, a Muslim and Turkish-speaking community in Western China, in vast labor camps.

Sanctions decided last Thursday

last Thursday, the Department of Commerce and the Treasury announced new sanctions against Chinese biotechnology and high-tech companies accused of putting their technology at the service of the government to amplify surveillance Ouchs.

The Treasury had also banned US nationals to trade with eight high-tech companies, including the world number 1 of the drones, DJI, who had been for two years on the blacklist of the Ministry of Commerce.

biden calls the Ukrainian president after warning Putin against an invasion .
© - the American President Joe Biden during an exchange with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Wilmington, in Delaware, December 30, 2021 US President Joe Biden will call on Sunday his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, a few days later with Vladimir Putin, accused of massaging troops at the Russian-Ukrainian border for a possible invasion.

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