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US News: Saudi Arabia: Saudi Ballistic Missiles Manufactured with China

Preserving the Agreement on Iranian nuclear power is a necessity

 Preserving the Agreement on Iranian nuclear power is a necessity Everything must be tempted to escape the alternative between a military outbreak, that the 2015 Agreement had made it possible to avoid, and a renegotiation has minima which would only save appearances. Editorial of the "World". Every day that goes to Vienna provides its supplement of pessimism about negotiations committed to save a crucial agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

L’Arabie Saoudite développe désormais ses propres missiles avec l’aide de Pékin, selon CNN (Image d'illustration). © Reuters / Ronen Zvulun Saudi Arabia now develops its own missiles with Beijing's help, according to CNN (image of illustration).

Saudi Arabia is making ballistic missiles with the help of China. This is what the American television channel CNN says, according to which the intelligence agencies of the United States are informed of this cooperation between Beijing and Riyadh. Cooperation that could have important consequences.

Saudi Arabia already has ballistic missiles of Chinese manufacturing, but according to CNN the kingdom now develops its own gear with the help of Beijing. The American chain publishes satellite images taken in Dawadmi, west of Riyadh, where the production site would be installed.

More than 700,000 people visit Music Festival in Saudi Arabia

 More than 700,000 people visit Music Festival in Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia have visited more than 700,000 people despite the Corona Pandemic, a music festival. As the authorities of the kingdom announced on Monday after the end of the four-day event, a total of 732,000 visitors were counted until Sunday.

Information, if it is confirmed, illustrates once again the current arms race in the Middle East, where the monarchies of the Gulf spend without counting to equip themselves and to affirm their autonomy, in a period when The American ally tends to disengage.

Saudi manufacturing missiles would also complicate negotiations with Iran. They focus on nuclear energy but the Westerners and their allies in the region believe that Tehran's ballistic program is a threat and should also be the subject of international discussions.

Yemen: Riyadh accuses the houthis of capturing an emirati boat at the red sea .
© AFP (Illustration) a cargo ship in the Yemeni harbor of Hodeida, on the Red Sea. The Military Coalition led by the Saudis and speaking in Yemen accused the Houthis of having "captured" a boat flying Emirati Pavilion which headed for Jazan, in Saudi Arabia. For their part, the Houthis confirmed having grasped a ship carrying "military equipment", and which "engaged in hostile acts".

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