US News: South Africa: a Christmas less pomp than before the Covid for the poorest

COVID-19 in India: Despite the accaltimia, the authorities remain on alert on Omicron

 COVID-19 in India: Despite the accaltimia, the authorities remain on alert on Omicron © AU - Rafiq Maqbool A man disguised as Santa Claus greets the children of a School of Bombay, India, December 15, 2021 . The schools of the cities reopened after almost 20 months of closure because of the pandemic of Covid-19. After having lived the chaos because of the Delta variant at the beginning of the year, India crosses a less tense moment in this pandemic of Covid-19. The official figures are significantly less serious in December 2021.

Une femme et un enfant devant un arbre de Noël dans un centre commercial de Johannesburg, vendredi 24 décembre 2021. © Ap - Denis Farrell A woman and a child in front of a Christmas tree in a shopping center of Johannesburg, Friday, December 24, 2021.

l South Africa is also at the party, on December 25th. The country, in the middle of the Southern, famous Christmas around a good family meal. But the economic situation has come darkened the festivities. South Africa, one of the most unequal nations in the world, was already in recession before the pandemic and was strongly affected by the crisis. The Omicron Variant and the July riots have a little more leading growth, which should be lower than expected in 2021. It is therefore a cheap Christmas than before the crisis for the most disadvantaged households in townships.

Call for caution on South African data on OMICRON

 Call for caution on South African data on OMICRON Health-Coronavirus-Africa: Call for caution on South African data on Omicron © Reuters / DADO RUVIC Call for caution on South African data On OICRON (Reuters) - Data from South Africa suggesting that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 coronavirus is 70% to 80% less dangerous than the Delta should not be unambiguously extrapolated to the set From the world, said Thursday the Director of Disease Control Centers (CDC) in Africa.

with our correspondent in Johannesburg, Claire Bargeles

Percy came to make his last Christmas races with a friend. But on the parking lot of this Supermarket of Soweto, his chest is too empty for his taste.

"Prices are too high. We try to find something to add a little, because there, there really does not. However, we spent nearly 170 euros, but here ... "

as nearly 35% of the population, Percy is unemployed. He lost his job as a cook during the pandemic.

Some cars further, Linda returns with a half filled charrol. "We put the money in common with my family, but it's still a smaller Christmas because of the economy. We just bought the bottom line, that's all. But I'm glad what I have.

Even Junia, a mother who always takes it in advance, had to review his downward budget this year. "I plan very early, often two or three months before Christmas. But I tried to reduce compared to usually, I may say 40%. For example, I always buy fireworks for children, but not this year, because I do not have enough money.

thanks to wholesale purchases, she still could refuel. "There for example, it's oil, and I bought an entire carton. And there all this corn powder, to make pap. These are not the quantities I would like, but hey, it's better than nothing.

All still rejoice to have enough to meet with family, around a meal, after a difficult year.

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Germany loosens entry restrictions .
In view of the spread of the coronavirus variant Omikron Even in Germany, Great Britain, South Africa and other countries in southern Africa are deleted from the list of virus variant areas.

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