US News: RD Congo: Christmas homily "Appended" for Cardinal Ambongo of Kinshasha

Putin promises a "military and technical" answer in case of Western threats

 Putin promises a "in case of maintaining the very clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues, we will take adequate military and technical measures," said the President Russian in front of the fine flower of the army and the Ministry of Defense. "We have it perfectly right." Your Browser does not support the Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Tuesday a "military and technique" answer if his Western rivals did not end their politics deemed threatening, on the background of increasing tensions aroun

L'archevêque de Kinshasa, Fridolin Ambongo Besungu. © Reuters / Baz Ratner The archbishop of Kinshasa, Fridolin Ambongo Besungu.

First Christmas homily "Soft" and less political for Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo Since its appointment at the head of the archdiocese of Kinshasa in 2018. Recognized for its criticisms, the prelate has happened news in its Homily at Notre-Dame Congo Cathedral. He nevertheless noted without more details than Christmas is celebrated "in a difficult context of the country".

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

It is 7 pm, the procession of the Cardinal crosses the hedge of the cathedral, it is the beginning of the worship, then that moment when Fridolin Ambongo uses his franc speak. "Our people, the Congolese people suffer in front of the indifference of those who are comfortably sitting in their homes, those who are comfortably installed in the material conditions that do not doubt anything, such kinds than the misery of others, the difficulties of communication In Kinshasa, it's not their problem. "

Borcers against Lebenker Required: Right Shitstorm against Green Members

 Borcers against Lebenker Required: Right Shitstorm against Green Members The Green Bundestag MEP Saskia Weishaupt has received a shitstorm on Wednesday evening in Munich after her criticism of a fragmentary transverse demonstration on Wednesday evening in Munich on the short news platform. Criticism and hatred there was also from the right-wing populist scene.

In the backdrop, the Archbishop plague against the stubbornness of the executive despite the injunctions of Parliament to delete the tax on the register of mobile devices. An annual tax of less than 10 dollars taken from any phone holder for more than a year.

for the cardinal, "It's time for things to change."

"He has the meaning of telling the truth"

in the courtyard of the parish, the cardinal is well known by his faithful Éric and Bilate. "Our spiritual father did not really address the political aspect as he used to doing it from time to time, it's an exceptional day [...] he can not preach without speaking of life, the daily life of his population. It makes sense to tell the truth.

The truth for Fridolin Ambongo is that the country gets bogged down in the spiral of violence, the exploitation of the poor and the abuse of power because of a "revolting selfishness".

The cardinal was expected on several questions. Of the electoral commission, political tensions or the security situation.

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Congo-B: Part of the opposition claims a consultation before the legislative elections .
© Wikimedia / Jomako View of Brazzaville, Capital of Congo. In its last speech on the state of the nation, the head of state Denis Sassou-Nguesso confirmed that the parliamentary and local elections would be held in 2022. The date remains to be determined. But several political formations, grouped in the Republican Party Convention, COPAR, previously claim a consultation to discuss the biometric census, explains the Coordinator of the Christ-Antoine Walembeau Movement.

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