US News: Steam in China Offline - so far the biggest blow against the gaming industry

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 murder plans against Michael Kretschmer: Police also find crossbeams at the raid for murder plans against Prime Minister Kretschmer were found among other cross breasts. Saxony Interior Minister speaks of a success of the authorities: "The constitutional state is capable of action." © Matthias Rietschel / Reuters Saxony Police have confiscated several weapons in the Raids Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer for murder plans against Saxony .

Gamers from China can no longer access the global version of the game platform Steam. Behind it is to put a government measure. Steam seems to have been banned.

Chinesische Gamer können seit dem ersten Weihnachtstag 2021 nicht mehr auf Steam Global zugreifen. © Casimiro PT / Chinese gamers can no longer access Steam Global since the first day of Christmas 2021.

shock on the first Christmas holiday. Steam Global is offline - in the People's Republic of China. Chinese games are thus no longer available to most games of the platform. Only those started in February, but indispensable version Steam China is still accessible.

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 Construction expects further rising prices and revenues build will probably remain a costly matter in the new year. © Marcus Brandt / DPA View of the construction site of the construction project Eleven Decks in Hamburger HafenCity. The construction industry expects significant growth in the coming year. The construction industry is expecting that the supply chains in the spring are intact and material is no longer so scarce.

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China's anti-gaming policy continues

The step is surprising in terms of timing, but otherwise fits well in the pattern that China has shown over the past 12 months. After all, Steam China would be completely superfluous if it was not expected that the global version would eventually be turned off at some point.

at all, the Government of Xi Jinping has shown clearly shown in recent months, what she keeps from Gaming . For example, Fortnite in China was turned off on 15 November this year. Children may only play for three hours a week . During the development of new games, evolving must be careful that they are free of "antichinese elements". This includes, among other things, the representation of "soft men". Among the new conditions hardly any games are approved.

Olympic Winter Games in China: Putin criticizes Political Boycott

 Olympic Winter Games in China: Putin criticizes Political Boycott The Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized a political boycott of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing as unacceptable. "This is a unacceptable and false decision," said the 69-year-old on Thursday at his Grand Annual Press Conference in Moscow overlooking the US political boycott and other countries. Sports should not be used for political purposes. "We were always against a politicization of sport," Putin said.

Hubber Blow for Smaller Publisher

Dota2 and CS: Go, two of the most popular games in China, are available on Steam China and remain unaffected by the shutdown. However, there is a whole series of small games publishers who are economically dependent on Chinese gamers. After all, the market is huge in the People's Republic.

As The Gamer reports, Monster Hunter World has more Chinese reviews on Steam as English speaking. And from the ten most recent reviews for IT Takes Two, the winner of the game of the year at the Game Awards, be nine Chinese. The smartphone game Call of Duty Mobile has so many players in China as many players together in the world.

The alleged intentional shutdown of Steam's global platform is considered China's greatest blow to the gaming industry.

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