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US News: Burma: Two employees of Save the Children "missing" after the discovery of thirty calcined bodies

with Omicron, New York fears to relive the nightmare of 2020

 with Omicron, New York fears to relive the nightmare of 2020 © AFP L ES Restaurants of Brooklyn close one after the other due to a soaring contamination, the queues to be tested. Length: New York fears to relive the 2020 nightmare, when the city was the world epicenter of the CVIV-19 epidemic. Saturday night, the state of New York, the fourth most populous in the country with some 20 million inhabitants, announced for the second consecutive day a record of positive cases in the coronavirus, with nearly 22,000 contaminations.

"We have the confirmation that their private vehicle was attacked and burned," said the British NGO of defense. Rights of the Child

La Birmanie a sombré dans le chaos depuis le putsch du 1er février qui a mis fin à une transition démocratique de 10 ans. © Ye Aung Thu / AFP Burma has fallen in chaos from the Putsch of February 1, which ended a 10-year democratic transition. Humanitarian - "We have the confirmation that their private vehicle has been attacked and burned," said the British NGO of Child Rights

NGO Save the Children announced on Saturday that two members of his staff In Burma were "missing", after the discovery of more than 30 cases calcined in vehicles taken the day before in an attack attributed to the junta, in the east of the country. Saturday, photos had been broadcast on social media showing two trucks and a car burned on a road from the canton of HPruso, in the state of Kayah (East), with bodies inside.

Quotas in Business: "Women will make the difference", enthuses Elisabeth Moreno

 Quotas in Business: © Europe 1 Guest at the microphone of Elisabeth Assayag and Emmanuel Duteil in "France move", Elisabeth Moreno has fiercely defended the Establishment of women's quotas at management positions in large companies. The Minister Delegate to Women-Men's Equality is persuaded: women will live up and make the difference. sometimes acclaimed, sometimes decried, quotas are still debating. Elisabeth Moreno, she chose her camp.

"When we went to check in the area this morning we found corpses burned in two trucks. We found 2 cadavers, "said AFP under anonymity a person responsible for the rebellion opposite to the power in power, the defense forces of the people (PDF). Another witness said that "27 skulls" were identified, "but there were other corpses in the truck, so calcined that we could not count them."

Save the Children then announced that two members of his staff had been "taken" and were missing. "We have the confirmation that their private vehicle has been attacked and burned," said the British NGO for the advocacy of the child in a statement.

"We are horrified by the innocent civilian violence"

The two employees returned home after a humanitarian mission in the region, according to Save the Children, stating having suspended his works in several regions. "We are horrified by the violence for innocent civilians and our staff who dedicate to humanitarian tasks, helping millions of children in the need in Burma," commented on the leader of this Centennial British NGO, INGER ASHING.

Burma: At least four dead, dozens of missing in an illegal jade mine

 Burma: At least four dead, dozens of missing in an illegal jade mine © Anonymous / AFP U N Landing in an illegal jade mine from the northern Burma made at least four dead , according to a new assessment on Thursday evening, the rescuers fearing that there is no survivor among the dozens of disappeared persons. Dozens of people die each year by working in Jade's lucrative and unregulated trade, where poorly paid workers, from other regions of Burma, extract very coveted stones in China .

According to the Myanmar Witness observatory, "35 people, including children and women, were burned and killed by the military on December 24 in the Township of HPruso". A spokesman for Junta, Zaw Min Tun, admitted that clashes broke out in HPruso Friday after soldiers tried to stop seven cars leading "suspicious".

Burma has fallen into chaos from the putsch of February 1, which ended a ten-year democratic transition. In ten months, more than 1,300 civilians were killed, according to a local NGO, the Political Prisoners Support Association (AAPL), which reports cases of extrajudicial torture and executions. In response, PDF citizen militias have emerged in the country and regularly inflict on the powerful Burmese army.

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embarrassment in South Korea after the return of a refugee in North Korea .
The South Korean authorities question the motivations of man and on the effectiveness of surveillance in the DMZ, the most militarized in the world. The South Korean authorities may have identified, Monday, January 3, the man who crossed the demilitarized zone (DMZ) on the New Year's day towards the northern direction - a passage that questions the motivations of the man and on The surveillance of the DMZ.

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