US News: China records highest value to Corona restarts since March 2020

Labor Market in NRW: From January more short-time work

 Labor Market in NRW: From January more short-time work threatens again due to the development of the Corona Pandemic and the supply bottlenecks in many areas of the economy, after the estimation of the Federal Employment Agency for Work in January, the short-time worker regime in NRW will need to be used more frequently. "But we hope that the climb is not so strong," said the head of the Regional Directorate NRW, Torsten Withake in Dusseldorf. Since February, the short-time work quota in NRW has declined continuously.

In China, the number of corona infections continues to increase. Nationwide, the authorities posted 206 new infectations with the Coronavirus on Sunday - as many as many since March 2020. Hotspot is the millions of town Xi'an, where a strict Lockdown has been a strict Lockdown for the 13 million inhabitants.

China hat einen neuen Höchststand bei den täglichen Corona-Neuinfektionen gemeldet. Landesweit verzeichneten die Behörden 206 neue Ansteckungen mit dem Coronavirus - so viele wie seit März 2020 nicht mehr. Hotspot ist die Millionenstadt Xi'an. © STR China has reported a new high of daily corona new infections. Nationwide, the authorities recorded 206 new infections with the coronavirus - as many as many since March 2020 no longer. Hotspot is the millions of town Xi'an.

155 The new infections were reported in Xi'an. It should be expected that the number of detected cases continues to continue in the coming days, the local authorities representative He Wenquan said. The population in the metropolis, he called at the same time, in view of the development does not expire panic.

Radicalization in prisons: Constitution President warns of persistent danger by IS-Terror

 Radicalization in prisons: Constitution President warns of persistent danger by IS-Terror Danger sees the constitutional president not only by Islamists, including by violent right-wing extremists and opponents of Corona measures.

According to authorities, the inhabitants of Xi'an were already tested in several mass tests on the Coronavirus. A "complete" disinfection of the city should therefore begin on Sunday evening.

Although the number of infection cases in China is still weakening in China compared to other countries, authorities are presenting rigorously against new breakouts. Common Lockdowns, mass tests and travel restrictions are common. The authorities want to reduce the virus before starting the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in February.

in Xi'an, the authorities intensified the contact restrictions on Sunday additionally. For each household, only one member may leave the house every three days to make urgently needed settings.


Israel: vaccinated tourists may relax in the country .
in the middle of the Omikron wave Israel loosen its entry restrictions. From 9 January, the coronavirus vaccinated tourists are allowed to enter vaccinated tourists. However, a restriction applies.

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