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US News: Israel wants to double the number of settlers in the occupied Golan

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Le Premier ministre israélien Naftali Bennett a présidé la réunion ministérielle qui s'est tenue dans le kibboutz Mevo Hama, sur le plateau du Golan, dimanche 26 décembre. © Nir Elias Pool / AFP The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett presided over the ministerial meeting held in the Kibbutz Mevo Hama, on the Golan Plateau, Sunday December 26th.

The Israeli government has approved Sunday a plan to double the number of settlers on the Golan plateau. Conquered by Israel on Syria during the 1967 war and annexed on 14 December 1981, it constitutes a strategic territory for both countries, which are always technically at war.

Moving On the Golan tray, Sunday, December 26, the Israeli government has approved a plan to double the number of Israeli settlers living in this strategic area taken at Syria in 1967 and annexed 40 years ago. An "unpublished" decision according to the Prime Minister Naftali Bennett . About 25,000 Israelis currently live there.

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"The Government voted in favor of an unprecedented investment plan in the Golan in order to double the Israeli population," Naftali Bennett announced in a statement, at the end of a Council of Ministers unusually held in this territory. The cost of this plan will rise to one billion shekels (about 280 million euros).

"The need to reinforce, develop and live this region is common to us," said Naftali Bennett, who is at the head of a heterogeneous coalition (right, center, left, Arabic).

Depending on the plan, 7,300 housing units will be built within five years to the existing colonies, as well as two new colonies, Assifty and Matar, welcoming 6,000 homes. This should make it possible to add a total of 23,000 Israeli inhabitants to the current population of the Golan.

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About 25,000 Israeli settlers live today on the Golan Plateau alongside some 23,000 Druzes, which are claiming mostly Syrians while having the status of residents in Israel.

The plan also includes investments in infrastructure, medical and educational systems, as well as aid for farmers and manufacturers.

Very popular destination for the holidays by the Israelis, the Golan plateau is home to many attractions, which will be supported by the authorities, who want to strengthen this region.

>> The Golan plateau, strategic jewel for Israel "The Golan plateau is Israeli"

The Golan Plateau, conquered by Israel at Syria during the 1967 war was annexed on December 14, 1981. It constitutes a Strategic territory for both countries, which are always technically war. Rich in water, it overlooks Galilee and Tiberiaus lake on the side controlled by Israel and the road to Damascus on the Syrian side.

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In March 2019,

former US President Donald Trump had signed a decree formally recognizing the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan Plateau, a breakthrough decision with the position of the United States for decades. Syria had denounced a "flagrant impairment" to his sovereignty.

"It goes without saying that the Golan's plateau is Israeli," said Naftali Bennett said, highlighting "the importance" of "the recognition of Donald Trump and the fact that the administration of Joe Biden clarified that he There was no change in this policy. "

last February, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Golan was "very important for the safety of Israel", but that "the questions of legality (were) of another order".

In June 2019, a new colony was inaugurated on the annexed part of the Golan plateau, called "Ramat Trump, -the" Trump Hill "in Hebrew, in honor of Donald Trump.

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