US News: COVID-19: CONFINED, the Chinese city of Xi'an will be totally disinfected, announce the authorities

A prominent Harvard teacher sentenced for hiding his links with China

 A prominent Harvard teacher sentenced for hiding his links with China © Jannis Werner / Fotolia The Harvard campus in the United States. A Harvard Chemistry Professor was sentenced for trying to hide his links with a Chinese research program. For three years, he received $ 50,000 monthly. Charles Lieber, Eminent Professor of Chemistry in Harvard, was found guilty Tuesday, December 21 by a Federal Court of Boston (United States) to have hidden the authorities with an Chinese program suspected of economic espionage .

China reported on Sunday of 206 new CVIV-19 infections on its soil, the number of contaminations over a day The highest since March 2020.

  Covid-19 : confinée, la ville chinoise de Xi'an va être totalement désinfectée, annoncent les autorités © provided by FranceInfo

before the Olympic Winter Games of Beijing in February, the Chinese authorities redouble with vigilance to avoid any major Covid-19 focus. And this goes through a "total" disinfection of the Chinese city of Xi'an, announced the municipality, Sunday, December 26. This decision participates in the hardening of the restrictions in this city located about 900 km from the Olympic sites and where the 13 million inhabitants have already confined from Thursday, after the appearance of Covid-19 cases.

Steam in China Offline - so far the biggest blow against the gaming industry

 Steam in China Offline - so far the biggest blow against the gaming industry Gamers from China can no longer access the global version of the game platform Steam. Behind it is to put a government measure. Steam seems to have been banned. © Casimiro PT / Chinese gamers can no longer access Steam Global since the first day of Christmas 2021. shock on the first Christmas holiday. Steam Global is offline - in the People's Republic of China. Chinese games are thus no longer available to most games of the platform.

This disinfection had to start Sunday in the evening.

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155 new cases and 13 million confined persons

in a country that has been applied since last year A "zero covid" strategy, which consists of doing everything to minimize the occurrence of new cases, the metropolis reported on Sunday 155 new patients, bringing the total to nearly 500 in the last few weeks. "In the coming days, a number of cases may still be detected," warned a head of Xi'an, He Wenquan, while the inhabitants of X'an have already been tested several times, according to authorities. Some 29,000 people have been placed for isolation in specific hotels, has also announced the manager.

Now each Xi'an home can only send once every three days one of its members buying basic necessities. The previous authorization was two days. Finally, all "non-essential" companies, with the exception of supermarkets, local shops and medical institutions, received the order to close.

China reported on Sunday of 206 new COVID-19 infections on its soil, the number of contaminations on a highest day since March 2020. Life has returned to normal since the spring 2020 and the country. officially recorded only two dead in more than one year.

COVID-19: fewer deaths, but mostly affects the mortality due to COVID-19 has fallen sharply since the first two epidemic waves, thanks to the progress made in the treatment of patients and the vaccination. People over 70 and non-vaccinated remain the fir.
If the media no longer do the daily count of the deaths due to COVID-19 , the disease continues to make victims. However, deaths are numerous than at the beginning of the pandemic. Indeed, during the first wave of COVID-19, France France has identified up to 500 deaths per day of the virus, and 400 during the second wave. During the summer of 2021, the figures of the epidemic fell down to the lowest, with about fifteen COVID dead per day.

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