US News: nearly 2 years after the closure of his borders, the Easter Island will host tourists in February

Hardening of sanitary measures in Israel: France and several European countries placed on red list

 Hardening of sanitary measures in Israel: France and several European countries placed on red list The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced Sunday night new restrictions for Israelis who wish to travel and for those who wish to join the territory since the territory since the territory. foreigner. France is placed on red list. © Provided by FranceInfo On the other side of the Mediterranean too, the measurements are harden. After recovering to the tourists last month, Israel passes a whole series of red list facing the propagation of the Covid-19 .

who have been cut off from the world for more than a year and a half because of the pandemic, the inhabitants of the Easter Island have voted to find out if they have to reopen or not their territory to tourists.

the Chilean Island of the South Pacific, 3,700 km from the coast of Chile, is known for its impressive megaliths at the mysterious origin and has some 10,000 inhabitants, 60% of the people Rapa Nui - the original name of the island - of Polynesian culture.

After voted against the return of tourists last October - with a record abstention ratio - The Easter Island will finally reopen to the travelers.

closed borders since March 2020

They have not seen a single tourist since March 2020 and the imposition of the state of exception in Chile with sanitary restrictions against coronaviruses. The country recorded more than 1.6 million cases and more than 36,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Facing Omicron, Thailand restores forty for all travelers

 Facing Omicron, Thailand restores forty for all travelers © Tourists' Sakchai Lalit on their arrival at Bangkok Airport on November 1, 2021, after the reopening of borders. For fear of the Omicron variant epidemic that rages in Europe, Thailand, which has gradually reopened its doors to tourists in recent months, reimposes about forty at least seven days to all visitors.

For its part, the island accounts to this day eight cases of COVID-19 and no new case since September 2020 and there has been no death during the pandemic, according to the data of the local authorities.

In addition to the vote of the Rapa Nui, the final decision returns to the health authorities of the Valparaiso region, of which depends on the island, or the Ministry of Health.

Tourism, an important sector for the inhabitants of Easter Island

"The island draws its income from the tourism industry. It is the source of the economy," says AFP Salvador Atan, vice -President of the local community Ma'u Henua, who administers the Rapa Nui National Park.

Like the local authorities, Mr. Atan is in favor of a re-opening of the island from January 1 to allow the return of tourists.

live Covid-19: In Paris, the restaurants threatened by the absence of tourists

 live Covid-19: In Paris, the restaurants threatened by the absence of tourists © a jarry-triplon / onlyfrance.f picture of illustration, in Montmartre, on December 2nd. In summary: - The number of contaminations reaches a record in France. More than 90,000 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded Thursday over the last twenty-four hours, a level never reached since the beginning of the pandemic. - In Europe, Restrictions are multiplying : the show rooms close from Sunday in Belgium while the outdoor mask is back in Spain and Italy.

It is therefore a matter of deciding between the weak health capacity to deal with the risks of contagion related to the arrival of tourists and the economic necessities of the territory which depends exclusively on these revenues to survive.

73.1% of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19 on Easter Island, but the Hanga Roa Medical Center, the Capital, has no intensive care unit. A single medical ambulance sent from the continent a month ago can carry a patient to life threatened by the COVID-19.

The arrival of the pandemic has shifted the fragility of this island of the world, which attracts 100,000 tourists each year, who came to contemplate the thousand of monumental statues classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

End of April, the company Latam Airlines suspended the only cargo flight ensuring each week the connection between Santiago de Chile and Easter Island, after a demonstration in the island airport against the arrival of non-residents.

CANARIES: The eruption of the Palma volcano officially finished

 CANARIES: The eruption of the Palma volcano officially finished © Valery Ax now, the Cumbre Vieja is in lethargy, its lava torrents are black, frozen, hardened. AFP / Jorge Guerrero "85 days and 8 hours". This is the time that will have lasted in total the eruption of the Cumbe Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma , officially declared completed this Saturday. "Today, the Scientific Committee can tell the eruption is over," said Julio Pérez, the Director of the Canary Island Volcanic Emergency Plan (PEVOLCA) at a press conference.

A resumption of air traffic in February 2022

The air routes will resume in February 2022, finally announced the local authorities on November 19, 2021.

To go there, travelers will have to present an Vaccinal Passport and a Negative PCR test made less than 48 hours before boarding.

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still affected by the health crisis of Covid-19 and less numerous foreign tourists, the attendance of the great Parisian museums and the castle of Versailles S is established last year from its 2019 levels, despite a sensitive lift compared to 2020. © provided by FranceInfo the Louvre, larger Monde Museum and remained closed from 1 January to 19 May 2021, has thus welcomed 2.8 million visitors, or 100,000 more than 2020. This remains 70% below the 2019 level (9.6 million), before the Pandemic o

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