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US News: Afghanistan: The Taliban prohibit long trips to non-accompanied women

Syria: Six people including four women killed by the EI in Al-Hol in December

 Syria: Six people including four women killed by the EI in Al-Hol in December © Murielle Paradon / RFI The Al-Hol camp, in the north of the country, is under control of the Kurdish forces . six persons including four women from the Al-Hol IDP camp in Syria were slaughtered by the Islamic State (EI) in December, announced, Sunday, December 19, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights ( OSDH).

According to the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue, women can no longer make trips of more than 72 km if they are not accompanied by a "close to family ".

  Afghanistan : les talibans interdisent les longs trajets aux femmes non-accompagnées © She

The Taliban announced Sunday that women wishing to travel on long distances had to be accompanied by a man of their close family, new sign of hardening of the regime despite their initial promises. The recommendation, published by the dreaded ministry of virtue promotion and the prevention of the vice and circulating on social networks, also calls for drivers to accept women aboard their vehicle only if they wear the " Islamic veil ".

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Domestic violence against "almost satanic" women, says Pope

 Domestic violence against Pope-Women: the conjugal violence against "almost satanic women", says Pope © Reuters / Pool Domestic violence against "almost satanic women" women "Said the Pope Rome (Reuters) - Pope Francis said that the actions of men who commit violence against women were" almost satanic ", his strongest condemnation on date while domestic violence increased in several Country as a result of the confines decreed to combat COVID-19.

"Women performing trips of more than 45 miles (72 kilometers) can not make the trip if they are not accompanied by a family close to the family AFP Sunday confirmed the Ministry spokesman, Sadeq Akif Muhajir, stating that the accompanying officer was to be a man.

Since their arrival in mid-August, the Taliban imposed several restrictions on women and girls, especially related to education and work, but this is the first time that the Ministry is trying to regulate their displacements. a way reminiscent of their first reign, from 1996 to 2001.

Prohibition of listening to music aboard

vehicles The Taliban, who seek to be recognized by the international community and would like the return of crucial humanitarian aid for Afghanistan, however, announced that they would be more open than during their first passage. "This new order goes fundamentally (...) further in this direction that makes women of the prisoners," commented for AFP Heather Barr, the NGO Human Rights Watch.

"We see every day a little more who are really the Taliban, what are their views of women's law and it's really a very dark image," she added.

Among the other recommendations issued by the Ministry, include the prohibition of listening to music on board vehicles.

This directive comes a few weeks after the request of the department to Afghan televisions to no longer broadcast "sheets and series of rose water in which women play, and to ensure that women journalists wear" the Islamic sail "on the screen.

Afghanistan: Taliban asking traders to decapitate the mannequins in their .
windows since the return to power of the Taliban in August, Afghanistan suffered more and more measures imposing restrictions on freedoms, especially towards women and women. Girls © AFP The Taliban asked traders to cut the heads of mannequins in Afghanistan.

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