US News: US shortens duration for isolation and quarantine, Germany too?

OICKON. The necessary urgent measures in Germany, according to experts

 OICKON. The necessary urgent measures in Germany, according to experts © Tobias Schwarz / AFP The doubling time of the incidence of the variant in Germany is currently "in the order of two to four days", highlight the experts. Experts derive the alarm bell, Sunday, facing the progression of the Omicron Variant: they plead for additional contacts in the population "as soon as possible".

The US Health Department CDC shortens the recommended insulation time after a Corona infection of ten to five days. The reason for scientific findings that most infections will take place early in the course of illness - usually in the one to two days before the occurrence of symptoms and in the two to three days afterwards, the CDC announced on Monday (local time). So far, the CDC had recommended an isolation of ten days. Under isolation, the authority understands the time after confirmed infection. A German expert keeps the procedure problematic.

  USA verkürzt Dauer für Isolation und Quarantäne, Deutschland auch? © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

The shortening is now recommended if the affected do not have any symptoms and carry a mask for another five days if they are close to another. "The Omikron variant spreads quickly and has the potential to affect all facets of our society," explained CDC boss Rochelle Walensky. The new recommendations should ensure that people could safely continue their daily life.

Tauwetter between Morocco and Germany

 Tauwetter between Morocco and Germany After months of ice age, the government in Rabat is considering normalizing relations with Berlin. Background is the change of government in Germany. © Ute Grabowsky / Photothek / Imago Images The German and the Moroccan Flag in the Diplomatic Crisis between Morocco and Germany distinguishes relaxation. The Foreign Ministry in Rabat referred to "positive explanations and a constructive attitude" of the new government in Berlin in the short message service Twitter.

of the Epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb from the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology in Bremen holds the CDC recommendation for problematic, "because everything is based on self-assessment". Of course, even after five days, one could still be infectious, "and whether mask wearing is sufficient, is questionable." Better from his point of view would be a negative test for terminating the isolation.

"Here, the risk deduction was made so that the infections still occurring after five days still falling less in weight and the secure infrastructure is primarily priority on the other side," said Zeeb. "I can well imagine that we will not remain permanent with the 14-day isolation without freestest in Germany, if we have the expected rising numbers."

COVID-19: The United States reduces the isolation of asymptomatic patients at five days and non-vaccinated contact cases

 COVID-19: The United States reduces the isolation of asymptomatic patients at five days and non-vaccinated contact cases © Nicholas Kamm Joe Biden, Monday, December 27, during a videoconferencing with the governors of the US states consecrated COVID. with more than 200,000 daily cases of COVID-19s in the last two days and while the Omicron, much more transmissible variant, is now majority in the United States, the risk of a palsy of the US economy. -Woir was too strong.

For such a decision, however, there should already be good numbers for the time pattern of Infectiosity of Omikron give as a base. "I'm looking forward to what the Expert Council is there," says Zeeb.

CSU Chief Markus Söder reaffirmed its demand for an revision of quarantine regulations. "Of course we have to check the current quarantine rules. With a rapidly growing epidemic, we can not just paralyze the whole country from one day to the other, "said the Bavarian Prime Minister of the Image Newspaper (Wednesday). "This does not only apply to the critical infrastructure, but also for the normal life of humans."

The CDC also adapts the guidelines for quarantine - they apply to people who had contact with an infected person. For people who are not or not completely vaccinated against Corona, only a quarantine of five instead of ten days may also be recommended. In order to be able to handle the quarantine, now also a role of whether the affected people have received a refresh vaccination.

The CDC guidelines are not regulations, but recommendations for employers as well as state and local authorities.

In the US, companies were recently demanded because of the supremed increase in corona new infections to shorten the isolation time. Already in the past week, the CDC then reduced the insulation time for health personnel. Over the past few days, there were numerous flight losses in the US. One reason for this was also the infections with the new omikron variant that is dominant in the US. Airlines had then recruited for a shorter isolation time.

mounted no longer in quarantine .
Dusseldorf. In NRW, Omikron is on the rise. Now the Ministers of Health want to shorten the quarantine for contact persons to seven days, in important occupations on five days. For botest contact persons, she should fall completely. The doctors in the Rhineland demand a FFP2 duty in bus and train. © Marijan Murat In Bus and Railways, citizens are to carry FFP2 masks again, demand doctors.

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