US News: Wirtschaftsverband DiHK beats alarm: EU threatens trade agreement to sleep

Darts Professional Clemens threatens heavy WM-Third Tours

 Darts Professional Clemens threatens heavy WM-Third Tours on Germany's best Darts Profi Gabriel Clemens is waiting in a possible third World Cup round that expects serious task. The Welsh Jonny Clayton survived a heavy kick-off match with a 3: 2 victory against the young Irish Keane Barry and is in round three. © John Walton / Pa Wire / DPA Jonny Clayton celebrates his victory and could meet Gabriel Clemens in the third round.

The German Chamber of Commerce and Commerce (DIHK) has accused the European Commission a too hesitant attitude in international trade policy. While the EU is still thinking about new free trade agreements, in Asia with the new trading pact "Regional ComPrehensive Economic Partnership" (RCEP) for export world champion China has long been created.

 Ein Containerschiff dockt am Hafen von Qingdao in der ostchinesischen Provinz Shandong an und wird beladen: China ist bereits Exportweltmeister und baut seinen Vorsprung weiter aus. © Li Zhohng A container ship docks at the port of Qingdao in the Ostchinese province of Shandong and is loaded: China is already export world champion and continues to expand its lead.

The RCEP Agreement is a "clear signal for more economic integration in Asia," said Dihk Foreign Trade Chief Volker Treier of our editors. "In the growth region, nails are made with heads for companies, while the EU is handing with trade agreements," Treier criticized.

Agreement on the respect of the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine, says the OSCE

 Agreement on the respect of the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine, says the OSCE Ukraine-crisis / Treat: Agreement on the respect of the ceasefire in the east of Ukraine , says the OSCE Kiev, December 22 (Reuters) - the negotiators of Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have reached an agreement on the full recovery of the Ceasefire between the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian separatists in the east of Ukraine, announced Wednesday the OSCE.

The RCEP trading pact is 28 percent of world trade, 30 percent of global value added and a population of over 2.2 billion people. The German economy can also benefit from RCEP: In the 15 countries, more than 5,000 German companies are active with more than 178 billion euros in investment volumes. The value chains of German companies are thus closely linked to the economy in RCEP partner countries, says Treier.

"From a European point of view, it is now all the more important to lose the connection. Decisive is that the new federal government quickly becomes a positive source of impulses in EU trading policy, "said the DIHK expert. "Indo-commercial trade agreements - especially with the G20 states Indonesia and India - can strengthen the diversification of our supply chains as well as the competitiveness of the small and medium-sized companies. Finally, every fourth workplace in Germany depends on export, in industry even every second, "Treier said.

Burma: At least four dead, dozens of missing in an illegal jade mine

 Burma: At least four dead, dozens of missing in an illegal jade mine © Anonymous / AFP U N Landing in an illegal jade mine from the northern Burma made at least four dead , according to a new assessment on Thursday evening, the rescuers fearing that there is no survivor among the dozens of disappeared persons. Dozens of people die each year by working in Jade's lucrative and unregulated trade, where poorly paid workers, from other regions of Burma, extract very coveted stones in China .

The RECP trading pact was signed in mid-November on the ASEAN summit. been. The agreement between China, Japan, the ASEAN states, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea are initially only valid for the states that have already ratified it. These are the ASEAN states Brunei-Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as Australia, China, Japan and New Zealand. For the remaining Contracting States Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines as well as for South Korea, it enters into force 60 days after their ratification.

2019 Germany had exported in the value of 173 billion euros to the RCEP states - more than on the entire American continent (166 billion euros). According to the EU, the RCEP countries are as a verb and the most important export market in Germany. There is an export share of 13 percent on it. Also for imports is the new Asian giant significant: In 2019 Germany has imported in the value of 191 billion euros from the RCEP countries. According to the EU, the RCEP is the association of Germany's most important import market. Over 17 percent of all German imports come from the RCEP countries.

Electric cars: Daimler Caps Shares in China Flop Denza Clearly

 Electric cars: Daimler Caps Shares in China Flop Denza Clearly The car maker will only last ten instead of 50 percent of the brand. The models of the BYD-operated E-Auto brand are considered to be a shopkeeper. © DPA The Swede focuses Mercedes-Benz consistently on its core. more than a decade ago Daimler and BYD started an ambitious project under the Denza brand. The aerial goal of the two corporations was to become the "most successful manufacturer of vehicles with alternative drives in China".

In 2019, the trading volume of Germany with the RCEP countries was 363 billion euros. That's almost 15 percent of the total trade trade, according to the Dihk. For comparison, the entire American continent accounts for eleven percent. Ten percent percent of all German foreign direct investment went to the RCEP countries around China, Japan and Australia. In Germany, 880 companies from the RCEP countries are active with 120,000 employees.

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