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US News: completely redesigned BRX Hunter: Sebastien Loeb dreams of the Dakar victory

Send Fifth - Haaland in the Top ten

 Send Fifth - Haaland in the Top ten in the English Week of the Bundesliga could make good scores in the Golden-Shoe Ranking ground. Among other things Leverkusens Patrik Schick and Dortmund's Erling Haaland. Best Bundesliga protecting is another one. © Imago Images / Jan Huebner now already fifth: Patrik Schick. Golden Shoe: Lewandowski Third Furthermore, at the hunt for the golden shoe in the outgoing calendar year, players can be found traditionally from the leagues who have already completed their season.

Sebastien Loeb greift zum zweiten Mal mit Prodrive bei der Dakar an © Red Bull Contentpool Sebastien Loeb attacks for the second time with Prodrrive at the Dakar at

The British Rally Schmied Prodrive stands before the second rally Dakar in Saudi Arabia. A total of three BRX Hunter T1 + vehicles have been reported. Sebastien Loeb and Nani Roma were already at the past edition. New to the Bahrain Raid Xtreme program stoves Orlando Terranova.

Also Prodrive has adapted the Hunter to the new T1 + regulations. The new vehicle uses 37-inch tires to 17-inch rims. This makes the 32-inch pneus and 16-inch rims history.

In addition, the spring path was increased from 280 millimeters to 350 millimeters. The car has also been widened from two meters to 2.3 meters. As a result, the body, the drive and the wheel suspension had to be adjusted.

Rennes. Photographed on their dream place, these volunteers appear in the bus stops

 Rennes. Photographed on their dream place, these volunteers appear in the bus stops © West-France Photographer Maryline Grimmer gave a photo frame to the Joëlle Rivoal Rennaise, who leaned to the game of the teleported portrait. Photographer Maryline Grimmer offers volunteer rennais to teleport them, the time of a photo, in the place of their dreams. The photos are displayed in the reindeer bus stops until Thursday, December 30, 2021. They are fourteen.

Longer wishbones and newly configured damper have changed the suspension geometry significantly. Larger brakes have also been installed on the 17-inch wheels. The larger tire radius increases the load on the powertrain.

Therefore, the cardan shaft, drive shafts and the differentials had to be adapted. Almost half of the body was redesigned. The Hunter T1 + is powered by a V6 engine, which includes a capacity of 3.5 liters and has two turbochargers.

The power outputs Prodrrive with around 405 hp. The maximum torque is 700 Newton meters. Together with Coryton Advanced Fuels, a sustainable fuel was developed, which eliminates 80 percent less greenhouse gases compared to gasoline.

No Smooth Preparation

Over the past few weeks, preparation for the Dakar rally did not run smoothly. At the beginning of November, participation in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge had to be canceled. With a private test, the tankstop had come to a maltheur.

Steam in China Offline - so far the biggest blow against the gaming industry

 Steam in China Offline - so far the biggest blow against the gaming industry Gamers from China can no longer access the global version of the game platform Steam. Behind it is to put a government measure. Steam seems to have been banned. © Casimiro PT / Chinese gamers can no longer access Steam Global since the first day of Christmas 2021. shock on the first Christmas holiday. Steam Global is offline - in the People's Republic of China. Chinese games are thus no longer available to most games of the platform.

A fire had broken out. A mechanic has been injured and had to go to the hospital after a first supply. Prodrive subsequently examined the reasons for the fire. At the beginning of December, all three drivers could test extensively in Dubai.

Since the T1 + vehicle is slightly heavier and driving differently through the larger mature, the drivers had to get used to the new feeling. "At the test we did something of everything, because we needed these kilometers to prepare the Dakar," says Loeb.

Loeb and Roma anticipate chances of winning

The Rally Record World Champion will not work together with his longtime passenger Daniel Elena. The Monegasse finished his career. At the Dakar, Loeke co-pilot will be the Belgian Fabian Lurquin, which has a lot of experience.

"Our ambition is of course to do it as well as possible," says Loeb about his goals. "But the Dakar is always very tricky and everything must be fitted - driving and navigation. The car must be strong. You can not make mistakes."

Weather: Should we worry about spring temperatures in December?

 Weather: Should we worry about spring temperatures in December? © Pixabay Particularly sweet days to conclude the year: The temperatures of the last days of 2021 should be above the seasonal norms in France. How to explain this sweetness? What are the consequences ? Lighting of the Cédric Ringeenbach engineer on Europe 1. After a particularly soft (and rainy) Christmas weekend, temperatures should still climb next week in France, up to surpass seasonal norms. A spring sweetness that should not be taken lightly according to the engineer Cédric Ringeenbach.

"The absolute goal would be if we would win the Dakar," the Frenchman does not make a secret from his big dream. The 47-year-old is also confident: "After the final test, we can slowly start thinking about it."

Roma has won the DAKAR 2004 with the motorcycle (KTM) and 2014 by car (X-RAID Mini). In January 2021, Roma reached the target ramp as the fifth, while Loeb had arrived early because of tire damage and suspension break.

"Since the T1 + car has greater tires," says Roma, "I can now hold the speed in places where it has not been possible before. The main thing is that the car is strong." It's exciting times. " His co-pilot will be Alex Haro.

also Roma expects a top result: "If we have the same reliability to improve the speed and some details, then we have a chance, because all are on the same level. The last time the buggies were superior."

Terranova is standing before its 17th Dakar. The Argentine will work together in the third Brx-Boliding with Dani Oliveras.

track "Absolute madness" - Walkner remains second .
Matthias Walkner stays at the Rally Dakar in the top field. Austria's motocross star retains the second overall rank. © Imago Images Walkner on the sixth section around the Saudi capital Riad the KTM pilot took the third stage rank, after 421 kilometers 2:36 minutes had a residue on the Australian day winner Daniel Sanders. The Briton Sam Sunderland clasped ten seconds from Walkner to the second place, thus retain the overall tour in the motorcycle rating at the half-time of the rally classic.

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