US News: Ukraine: biden and poutine advocate "diplomacy" and "dialogue" before their maintenance

Putin promises a "military and technical" answer in case of Western threats

 Putin promises a "in case of maintaining the very clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues, we will take adequate military and technical measures," said the President Russian in front of the fine flower of the army and the Ministry of Defense. "We have it perfectly right." Your Browser does not support the Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Tuesday a "military and technique" answer if his Western rivals did not end their politics deemed threatening, on the background of increasing tensions aroun

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The American and Russian presidents said, at a few hours of an interview Thursday, their willingness to dialogue to solve deep tension Russian-Western, on the background of fear of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Joe Biden intends, according to the White House, a "diplomatic channel" to get out of the crisis during their phone call, the second in less than a month.

Vladimir Putin has been said to be "convinced", in his new year wishes to the US President, that an "effective" dialogue and "based on mutual respect" was possible, recalling the summit in June in Geneva having gathered the two men.

"Only the way for the negotiations can solve the abundance of the immediate problems that there is between us," said Kremlin's spokesperson later, Dmitry Peskov.

Russia on a war footing? Putin waited

 Russia on a war footing? Putin waited press conference © Mikhail Tereshchenko Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerisamov front of a giant screen showing a map of Ukraine, December 21, 2021 at the conference annual Ministry of Defense in Moscow Showdown with Washington and threatened invasion of Ukraine Vladimir Putin will be extensively questioned Thursday by the Russian and international media on the political and military crisis that thrilled the European security balance

During their maintenance, scheduled for 20:30 GMT, however, Joe Biden should point out that the United States remains "deeply worried" of the presence of tens of thousands of Russian military at the border with Ukraine and that they will be "prepared To answer "in case of military offensive, according to a head of the White House.

Washington "would like to see the troops back to their usual training areas," said this source.

Moscow, as the Russian-American talks approached January 10 in Geneva, continues to repeat that priority priority is the negotiation of two treaties redefining the equilibrium and security architecture of Europe.

For the Kremlin, the security of Russia requires the prohibition of any enlargement of the Atlantic Alliance and the end of Western military activities near the Russian borders, zone that Moscow considers to be part of its area of ​​influence.

exorbitant costs

United States: Biden promises to represent 2024 If Trump is candidate

 United States: Biden promises to represent 2024 If Trump is candidate © Brendan Smialowski AFP The US President Joe Biden said he would determine to represent himself in 2024 if Donald Trump was a candidate. President Joe Biden, 79, stated in an interview at the ABC channel, broadcast Wednesday, December 22, which would be even more determined to represent if Donald Trump was a candidate for the presidential election of 2024. " It would increase the chances that I present myself ".

According to the Russians, these requirements are only able to contain the worsening of tensions, Russia particularly considering the support of the United States, NATO and the EU to Ukraine as a threat. direct to its security and interests.

Video: Biden and Putin virtually discuss Ukraine and its sovereignty (France 24)

YOUR Browser does not support this video Joe Biden on his side continues to consult "his allies and partners", said the spokesman of the National Security Council, Emily Horne. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke Wednesday with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the one hand, and his French, German and British counterparts on the other.

The Ukrainian president said he received the assurance of a "full American support" to "counter a Russian attack". Germany with the French Foreign Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian, German Annalena Baerbock and British Liz Truss, Antony Blinken reaffirmed their "consensus" in order to "impose massive consequences and exorbitant costs in Russia" if any .

No concession

crisis in Ukraine: biden will propose to Putin a "diplomatic channel"

 crisis in Ukraine: biden will propose to Putin a © Reuters - Handout The American President Joe Biden had already heard on video call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukrainian crisis, from the White House In Washington, December 7, 2021. The US President Thursday, December 30 with his Russian counterpart while the United States continues to prepare with their European allies a joint response to Russia's deployment of soldiers near the border with Ukraine.

In a previous telephone interview early December between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, the American president had threatened his peer of sanctions "as he never saw" in case of attack against Ukraine.

Westerners have so far excluded a military response to a possible Russian invasion. And the Kremlin swept the threats of sanctions.

Russia and its elite are already the subject of multiple economic reprisals because of the Ukrainian file and repression in the country, but none of these measures have changed the line kremlin, on the contrary.

Moscow also denies threatening Ukraine, of which it has already appended part of the territory, Crimea, in 2014, and asserts to protect against the hostility of Westerners who support Kiev, particularly in his conflict with separatists. Pro-Russian.

The latter, despite Russian denials, are widely regarded as being under the orders of the Kremlin.

Sign that the January 10 talks in Geneva on Ukraine but also strategic stability will be bitter, the head of Russian Diplomacy Sergei Lavrov excluded all "concession".

The United States had previously warned that some Russian queries were "unacceptable".

These discussions will be followed on January 12 of a Russia-NATO meeting, and January 13 of a meeting under the OSCE.

"For what will be followed, we will see according to the disposition of the United States and NATO to have a concrete discussion on our concerns," said Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian diplomacy .

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The United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of .
Missiles Russia-Ukraine-USA-Biden: the United States ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Missiles © Reuters / Handout States United ready to discuss with Russia on the deployment of Washington missiles - the United States and their allies are willing to discuss with Russia, as part of Talks on Ukraine, the possibility for each part of Restrict military activities and missile deployments in the region, said Saturday a senior official of the US President Joe Biden.

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