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US News: Tunisia-Ennahda announces the arrest of a party official

Tunisia: A first list of 18 for the CAN, Hassen Spread

 Tunisia: A first list of 18 for the CAN, Hassen Spread The coach of Tunisia, Mondher Kebaier, convened a first list of 18 players in view of the Can 2021. The goalkeeper Mouz Hassen did not do not part. © Provided by Football 365 Football: Tunisia vs Oman - Arab Cup - Final quarter - 10/12/2021 Mondher Kebaier proceeds in stages. The coach of Tunisia communicated on Friday a first list of 18 players with a view to CAN 2021. The goalkeeper Mouz Hassen, holding in most of the FIFA Arab Cup, is not part of it.

Tunisia-Rights / (Photo): Tunisia-Ennahda Announces the arrest of a senior Party Manager Tunis, December 31 (Reuters) - The Former Minister of Tunisian Justice Noureddine Bhiri, now deputy Ennahda in Parliament whose work has been suspended since this summer, is held by members of the security forces, has announced Friday the moderate Islamist training.

Noureddine Bhiri is the first senior official of Ennahda since the Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed dismissed the Prime Minister, frozen the work of Parliament and arrogated all the powers at the end of July, in a qualified operation of Coup d'état by the opposition.

According to Ennahda, Noureddine Bhiri was arrested on Friday morning by civilian agents before being driven to an unknown destination. Islamist training has denounced a dangerous preceding that can prefigure, according to her, a slide of the country to tyranny.

Neither the government nor the security forces were immediately reacted to react to this information. (Angus McDowall Report, French version Myriam Rivet, edited by Tangi Salaün)

Sweden: How a drone saved a patient in cardiac shutdown .
© Aurélie Ladet a drone in flight. Photo Stock Illustration. LP / Aurélie Ladet He owes life to technology. A 71-year-old man, a victim of a cardiac arrest in Sweden early December, was rescued by a drone, whose rapid intervention has led to a defibrillator before transferring to the hospital. "From the first call spent on 112 (the emergency number) until the drone receives the signal to start and leave, it has elapsed about 15 to 30 seconds.

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