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US News: The expected snow in the savory after the Colorado

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  La neige attendue en sauveuse après les incendies dévastateurs du Colorado © Getty Images North America / AFP

D e strong snowfall should bring a reside on Friday in the American State of Colorado, where fires powered by violent winds have caused the destruction of hundreds of houses and forced tens of thousands of people to flee.

The American Meteorological Service (NWS) has placed part of this mountainous state of the West under winter storm alert, providing for significant snowfall in the coming days.

"It will be very cold when we mark the passage to the new year tonight" and "the snow will fall on the majority of the region (De Denver) at midnight," Tweeted Friday morning the NWS of Boulder.

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These flakes should relieve the population and represent a striking contrast with the furnace of the Marshall Fire, which ravaged the zone and forces the evacuation at least 33,000 people on Thursday.

Impressive flames torn the sky and wind gusts sometimes ranging up to 160km / h swept the area, complicating firefighters' work against a fire of unusual intensity for the season.

Part of the evacuation orders were lifted at night by local authorities.

But localities like Superior, 13,000 inhabitants, are still forbidden to access. "No one has the right to enter the city right now," warned the town hall on Twitter .

Patrick Kilbride, living in the 72-year-old town, was at work when he received the order to evacuate, but could only save his car and clothes. "There remains only ashes", from the house in which he lived for three decades, "he said to the Denver Post.

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In Louisville, the 20,000 residents received the order to boil the tap water or use bottles, the city using untreated water to combat the fires.

Drought Historic

Hotels, Shopping Centers and more than 650 hectares of smoke are gone in smoke in the County of Boulder, town of 100,000 inhabitants located about fifty kilometers from Denver, capital capital.

The fire, unlike the previous ones, affected suburbs and not only rural areas.

"Approximately 370 homes around Sagamore were destroyed. And it is possible that 210 dwellings were destroyed in the old town of Superior," said Boulder County sheriff, Joe shovel, Thursday.

Like a large part of the American West, Colorado, an already arid state, has been struggling for several years with exceptional drought.

with global warming, the intensity and frequency of drought and heat wave episodes still may increase, continuing to create ideal conditions for forest or bush fires. In recent years, the American West has thus experienced unprecedented fires, including California or Oregon.

USA: Hundreds of houses destroyed by fires in Colorado

 USA: Hundreds of houses destroyed by fires in Colorado © Valery Ax A violent fire ravage The city of Superior in the County of Boulder (Colorado). (Jason Connolly / AFP) Hundreds of houses were destroyed Thursday by fires in Colorado. "About 370 homes in the Sagamore sub-division have been destroyed. It is possible that 210 dwellings were destroyed in the Old Town of Superior, "said Boulder County's sheriff, Joe shovel, at a press conference.

For Daniel Swain, Meteorologist at UCLA University, it is "hard to believe" that these fires take place in December, a period usually unobstructed for this type of event in the region.

"But take an autumn with heat and record dryness, only two centimeters of snow so far this season, and add a storm to extreme downstream bursts ... and the result consists of extremely dangerous fires and moving very Quickly, "Tweeted the researcher.

Beyond the fires, the United States have recently suffered from other extreme phenomena, with the passage of the IDA storm in New York and in New Jersey in September and deadly tornadoes in December in Kentucky. For the latter, the link with global warming is still under study.

31/12/2021 17:29:54 - Superior (USA) ( AFP ) - © 2021 AFP

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