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US News: Russia: Putin said Satisfied with a year 2021 "Past Dignation"

Putin promises a "military and technical" answer in case of Western threats

 Putin promises a "in case of maintaining the very clearly aggressive line of our Western colleagues, we will take adequate military and technical measures," said the President Russian in front of the fine flower of the army and the Ministry of Defense. "We have it perfectly right." Your Browser does not support the Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Tuesday a "military and technique" answer if his Western rivals did not end their politics deemed threatening, on the background of increasing tensions aroun

President Vladimir Putin said Moscow "firmly" defended its interests in 2021 — a year marked by an unprecedented crackdown on the opposition and increased tensions with the West — in a New Year 's address. "We firmly and consistently defended our national interests, the security of the country This year Russia implemented a major crackdown on organizations and people critical of Putin — starting with the jailing of his top critic Alexei Navalny in February. Tensions between Russia and the West have also reached new highs over Ukraine. Putin discussed the soaring tensions in a phone call with U.S

Putin again rejected claims that Russia is deliberately choking off supplies of gas to Western Europe in an effort to put pressure on the EU not to block the Moscow-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The project has been completed and is awaiting certification from German regulators. Russia 's declining population. Putin warned that his country faces a series of major demographic issues, including increasing mortality, a drop in the average life expectancy from 71.5, to 70.1 in the past year , as well as the birth rate. Commenting on the low fertility rate in Russia , he said that a suboptimal number of

Le président russe Vladimir Poutine à Moscou le 30 novembre 2021. © AP - Mikhail Metzel The Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on November 30, 2021.

In Russia, it's Vladimir Putin who gives the signal of the new Year. The wishes of the Russian President are broadcast just before midnight and very followed by the country. But for once, no political messages or threatening innuendo, just a tradition and a speech as consensual as possible.

It is the advantage or rather one of the benefits of a country as immense as Russia. While it is only 15h in Kaliningrad, it is already midnight in Kamtchatka. And thanks to the magic of the Internet, the rest of the country discovers with eight hours in advance, the content of the presidential vows of Vladimir Putin.

Russia on a war footing? Putin waited

 Russia on a war footing? Putin waited press conference © Mikhail Tereshchenko Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerisamov front of a giant screen showing a map of Ukraine, December 21, 2021 at the conference annual Ministry of Defense in Moscow Showdown with Washington and threatened invasion of Ukraine Vladimir Putin will be extensively questioned Thursday by the Russian and international media on the political and military crisis that thrilled the European security balance

Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) said his government had 'firmly' defended the country's interests in the face of 'colossal challenges'. This year Russia implemented a major crackdown on organisations and people critical of Putin - starting with the jailing of his top critic Alexei Navalny in February. Biden reaffirmed the U.S. threat of new sanctions against Russia in case of an escalation or invasion, to which Putin responded with a warning of his own that such a U.S. move could lead to a complete rupture of ties between the nations. The Kremlin chief, in power since 1999, also expressed

"Dear Russian citizens, dear friends! The year of 2021 is coming to the end and the time will take us from the past to the future very soon. Yes, so it happens every day, minute and second. In his New Year 's address Putin expressed support to everyone who lost loved ones due to the pandemic. He noted that in the outgoing year , the citizens of the country faced colossal challenges, but learned to live in such harsh conditions, to solve complex problems "and were able to do this thanks to our solidarity."

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Traditionally, it's one of the strong moments New Year's celebrations and it may also be the only Putin appearance to which it is not necessary to look for political meaning. Rather a ceremonial, broadcast just before midnight, which one listens to a distracted ear while preparing to blow the caps of "Champanskoyé".


Carillon For a few minutes, the Russian President returned to the past year, awarded the nation and to himself a satisfaction for a "past dignity". He welcomes "defended the security of the country" and "restored the economy", particularly thanks the soldiers, doctors, police and civil servants, wants love, good health and success at all, and then leave room for Kremlin's chime. Then, the national anthem resonates and the new year begins in Russia.

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Lead 1-Russia excludes any concession under the pressure of the United States .
Russia-USA / Security (Lead 1): Lead 1-Russia excludes any concession under the pressure of the United States (updated with Antony Blinken and Background) Moscow, January 9 (Reuters) - Russia said Sunday that it would not do any concession under the US pressure in the future discussions on the Ukrainian crisis and the requests of Moscow on safe guarantees , reported the RIA news agency. According to the RIA Agency, Russia believes that there is a risk that discussions can stop quickly.

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