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US News: Rally Dakar 2022: Sanders in Prolog before Quintanilla Fastest, Walkner Fifth

COVID-19 in Senegal: Riposte, Third dose and vaccination of children in question

 COVID-19 in Senegal: Riposte, Third dose and vaccination of children in question © AP - LEO Correa A caregiver member administers a dose of the Janssen vaccine against Cvid-19 at the Dakar Leopold-Sedar-Senghor Staded On July 28, 2021. Senegal is "in the 4th wave" of COVID-19: the Ministry of Health confirms. The country recorded, Wednesday, December 29, 156 new infections, compared to 2 new daily cases on average in November. The Dakar region remains the most affected.

Daniel Sanders darf sich als Schnellster die Startposition für Sonntag aussuchen © Gasgas Daniel Sanders may choose the starting position for Sunday

The starting signal for the 44th edition of the Rally Dakar, the third in Saudi Arabia, is please. On New Year's Day 2022 there was a short tied section, which primarily established the boot order for the first stage on Sunday. Gas Gas Talent Daniel Sanders marked the best time in Prolog.

144 Motorcycles stood on Saturday in Jidda at the starting line. On the way to the north to Ha'il, a total of 614 kilometers had to be covered. The 18.82 kilometer tied section was relatively at the beginning of the route.

The terrain was largely shaped by sand. Before the race starts on Sunday properly, the drivers had the opportunity to build a first rhythm. The field of motorcycles was sent in reverse order, the pot drivers came to the end.

"goodbye macron" for Zemmour, "crucial year" for Le Pen: the wishes of the candidates for the Elysée

 Several presidential candidates have advanced Emmanuel Macron by presenting at the end of the morning on Friday their wishes for 2022. © Screenshots Several presidential candidates have advanced Emmanuel Macron by presenting at the end of the morning Friday their wishes for 2022. I wish a beautiful year 2022 to all the French and all the French. This year, we can save the Republican, Social, Ecological and Progress Left. This left wishing to unite and govern together is the only way possible.

Sanders completed the tied section as the fastest. Behind the Australian followed Honda-Neutling Pablo Quintanilla. Ross Branch provided the Yamaha for three brands on the front places.

The KTM-Duo Kevin Benavides and Matthias Walkner rounded off the top 5. Ricky Brabec (Honda) lose a short four minutes and occupied square twelve, which does not have an optimal starting position for tomorrow.

The star ramp reached the drivers after the long connection stage in Biwak in Ha'il. The top 15 motorcycles may later choose their starting position for the first right stage the next day later. The further back you start, the better.

The times of prologue count for the overall standings and will be added to the outcome of the first stage tomorrow. In the motorcycles and quads, the prologues are multiplied by a factor of five. That's why the "long" driving time for the narrow 19 kilometers.

Package stops already!

 Package stops already! © Provided by Tennis - WTA - Adelaide 1: Carpet package, Sakkari and Rybakina in pain Serial heads in pain, Chloe package already eliminated. French unique engaged in the Adeïde Tournament 1 This week, the 119th world last minute in the final picture for the benefit of the packages has not weighed heavy Monday against Slovenian Kaja Juvan. The latter has never trembled against the young tricolor, corrected 6-4, 6-2 after 1:25 of play.

Tomorrow is a loop north of Ha'il on the program. The total distance is 514 kilometers, whereby the evaluation section comprises 333 kilometers.

More information in short

Result of the prologue (Top 15):

01. Daniel Sanders (gas gas) - 55:30 minutes

02. Pablo Quintanilla (Honda) +1: 00 Minute

03. Ross Branch (Yamaha) +1 : 55

04. Kevin Benavides (KTM) +2: 00

05. Matthias Walkner (KTM) +2: 35

06. Adrian Van Beveren (Yamaha) +2: 40

07. Sam Sunderland (gas gas) +2: 55

08. Toby Price (KTM) +2: 55

09. Joan Barreda Bort (HONDA) +3: 00

10. Andrew Short (Yamaha) +3: 00

11. Joaquim Rodrigues (Hero) +3: 05

12. Ricky Brabec (Honda) +3: 55

13. Luciano Benavides (Husqvarna) +4: 05

14. Martin Michek (KTM) +4: 15

15. Bradley Cox (KTM) +5: 30

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