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US News: Karl Lauderbach warns of Omikron wave: "In very, very in concern for the unvaccinated«

Corona: Karl Lauderbach thanks nurses with video

 Corona: Karl Lauderbach thanks nurses with video The employees in clinics and care must have been working under maximum load for two years. Now Health Minister Lauterbach will thank you with a personal message: "We are deeply in your debt." © Kay Nietfeld / DPA In December 2019, the novel coronavirus was demonstrated for the first time, since then the world community fights against the spread of the virus. Germany lives the second Christmas in a row with restrictions, thousands are difficult to ill for intensive care beds.

Omikron spreads freely fast - but the train for Unstopped was not left, says Health Minister Lauterbach. Even a first vaccination significantly reduce the risks of infection.

  Karl Lauterbach warnt vor Omikron-Welle: »In sehr, sehr in Sorge um die Ungeimpften« © Kay Nietfeld / DPA

The RKI is currently reporting a slow increase in new infections, but the experts are largely agreed that the infection events can dramatically change when the infectious omikron variant of the Coronavirus prevails. Currently, the number of infections with the mutant doubles about every four days.

For Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauderbach (SPD) there is an effective antidote: he also sees a great protective effect against Omikron in Corona erectors. "The first vaccination lowers the risk of death after 14 days," he said the "picture on Sunday" . With an increase in the investments, the number of coronate notes could also be effectively reduced in the "Omikron Wave".

COVID-19: This country prohibits entry to non-vaccinated persons

 COVID-19: This country prohibits entry to non-vaccinated persons © Pixabay Covid-19: This country prohibits entry to non-vaccinated persons as of Tuesday, December 28, unvaccinated travelers against the Covid-19, even with a negative test, will no longer be accepted in Finland. This is a new step in the restrictions that the different countries put in place around the world to stem the new Wave of Covid-19 due to the Omicron Variant. Several states have already hardened their entry conditions.

The feeling of many unvacakers that the train was left for them anyway, do not voice, "Let them vaccinate," his appeal is.

studies showed that the omikron variant spreads much faster than the delta variant, but also causes some less severe cases. "But that's not an all-clear for older uncovered," said Lauterbach. He is waiting for more scientific studies. In Denmark and the United Kingdom, where scientists reported milder disease histories in an omikron infection, the vaccination rate is significantly higher than in Germany in the elderly.

on Twitter Lauterbach wrote that Omikron in the United Kingdom leads to "Very many" hospital instructs. On the other hand, instructions on the intensive care unit slower rose.

Great Britain had recently reported 189,000 new infections a day. A "tragedy" was so far failed because the older ones had a high vaccination rate and be bought 75 percent. In the "Bams" Lauterbach showed "very, very in concern for the unvaccinated« in Germany.

US Authority: Home Tests Apply Omikron apparently not as good as earlier variants

 US Authority: Home Tests Apply Omikron apparently not as good as earlier variants The Corona Test at home could be less meaningful in the omikron variant than previously thought. According to a US study with living viruses, there is a risk of false negative results. © ben Stansall / AFP Uncomplicated tests that can be performed at home are considered an indispensable instrument in the fight against the corona pandemic. However, they may be less precise in the rapidly accurate omikron variant than previously hoped. This suggests new information from US health authorities.

Lauterbach also reaffirmed the benefits of masks - this has even increased by the new variant: "The viral load of the infected is lower at Omikron, therefore masks work better." Especially at school, wearing the masks »An absolute must All classes, "he said the newspaper.

The statistician Christian Hesse from the University of Stuttgart predicted the "Bams" prevailing of the Omikron mutant within a few days: "Already in some federal states such as Lower Saxony, the Omikron variant is dominant. In a week she will be this throughout Germany. "

Some doctors and researchers see a chance in the dissemination of - milder symptoms triggering - mutante. The President of the Association of Governments in Germany (VLK), Michael Weber, hopes for a significant discharge of the health system from the omikron variant of the Coronavirus. "If the Omikron variant is as strong as well as in South Africa, Great Britain or Denmark and the infections so predominantly mild off as there, there is a realistic probability that the pandemic will become an endemic in this country," Weber said " World on Sunday «.

The strongly mutated Omikron variant had been demonstrated for the first time in South Africa for the first time. Since then, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it has spread in about a hundred countries. In several European countries, including France and Portugal, Omikron has already developed into the prevailing coronavianization.

Lauterbach: Other corona measures needed .
waistband and countries had agreed on Friday a 2G plus scheme for restaurants, cafes and pubs. Accordingly, only vaccinated and geneses with negative Corona test as well as people with refresh vaccination have access. The quarantine for contact persons and the insulation for infected are shortened so that important infrastructures do not collapse with a rapid spread of the omikron variant.

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